You Must Know These Things Before Hotel Booking

You Must Know These Things Before Hotel Booking

There are certain things about hotel bookings that you would not know if you are booking hotels for the very first time. They will come as a last minute shock if you aren’t prepared for the sudden changes and are billed for things that you haven’t even used. Let’s give you the entire list to help you with the same:

1) Hidden charges

There are always these fine prints that you tend to miss while booking hotels, especially when doing so online. What you can do is be upfront and ask the hotel about the same while booking. This will definitely help you at the time of check-out where you wouldn’t be billed extra.

2) Charges for extra amenities

It is a fun thing to say that the hotel you are at provides you with Wi-Fi and Netflix, spa and sauna, and gourmet food options and totally another to pay for those services even when you haven’t used them during your stay. Ask them what’s complimentary with your stay and what isn’t. Pay for what you use.

3) Transportation

Hotels have their private cars and tourist vehicles that help you with the pickup and drop along with sightseeing too. At times it is complimentary at times it isn’t even available! You can ask about the same.

Also, the distance of the hotel from tourist attraction spots decides their price along with their transportation expenditure. One must keep everything in mind.

4) The hotel’s ratings and reviews

Hotels often tend to post client testimonials that favor them and reviews that speak well about their services. This is where you have to be street smart and check out the reviews posted on booking sites and unbiased advices about what’s good and bad.

5) Options

Yes, there are various options available for you. Even for a specific spot, you have many hotel options to choose from. They are all available and listed on third-party booking apps and sites. You can filter your search as per your budget, requirements, and other necessities and you can have the perfect list lined up for you to choose from. Auberge Le Pomerol is happy to help with all this.

6) Hotel etiquette

It is one thing to go to a hotel and another to have the entire experience. There are hotel etiquettes that one must follow as per the hotel policies so that their stay is smooth and suave.

That’s all about hotel stay and bookings. Have a happy stay!

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