Why people hire tour guide during travelling?

Why people hire tour guide during travelling?

In summer vacation, travelling is the best that you can do. If you are planning your vacation with your friends or family members then Malaysia is the best place that you can visit. Well planed travelling gives more fun and amazing memories to all. So if you are travelling to Malaysia for the very first time, then there are a number of problems that you can face. So, in that case, a travel guide may help you to know about your destination, historical places, and famous restaurants, and several local attractions. Having a Malaysia travel guide can help you a lot and will make your travel easy. There are many travelling guides available on the internet that can provide you with many places that you can visit. Mentioned below are some of the places that you can prefer to visit during your vacations in Malaysia.

Places to visit

Kuala Lumpur: Kaula Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia which features PETRONAS Twin Tower that you can visit. These are the two giant towers that are connected to each other with the help of a skyway. You can also prefer to visit China town which is famous for its clothing market. You can buy large varieties of clothes from this market. There are beauty caves which are 11km lengthy in Kuala Lumpur.

Penang: Penang is the best place for visiting in Southeast Asia. This is the best place for trying varieties of food. There are many attractive places that you can visit. These are Penang hill, kek lok si Temple, cheong fatt tze mansion, Escape adventure land, theme park, Museums, Fort Cornwallis, watt chaiya mangkalaram, and many other.

Malacca: Malacca is also known as the historical city in Malaysia. A lot of visitors prefer to visit the city to see various historical monuments and buildings. Those people who want to learn about the local culture of Malaysia should visit this city.

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