Which Edinburgh Hop on hop off Bus Tour is the Best?

Which Edinburgh Hop on hop off Bus Tour is the Best?

Bus tour will always give you the best experience and you can enjoy the cherished life of the city in an open bus. Hop on hop off tour gives you the liberty to hop off the bus at any time and explore the city and then you can get back to the bus again.  Edinburgh is well known for gardens and neoclassical buildings. You can explore the beauty of the Old Edinburgh town, the Edinburgh castle and the Prince Street for shopping.

To explore the city, you can book tickets for the hop on hop off tour. With this you can get to know more about the places and their historical significance. All this is because of the feature of the audio commentary in the bus. You can go to the travel websites and compare the prices of the rides and get the best advice where to stay in the hotel and what to do in the city so that you can get a brief idea about the place and save some money on your vacation. There are many companies that have their website where you can even book tickets. To book your tickets online, you can visit http://www.tripindicator.com/city-pass-bus-tour-edinburgh/hop-on-hop-off/compare-sightseeing-bus-vs-big-bus.html.

Things One Should Know About Edinburgh Bus Tour

  • This point will help you to know about the bus routes in Edinburgh. The very first one is the green and yellow bus. This bus has fourteen stops and travel around the city in a clockwise direction. The bus has commentary in English and also it is very similar to the other bus routes except you can also visit the New Georgian town.

Another sightseeing bus is the red and yellow bus. This bus has fourteen stops too but revolves around the city in anti-clockwise direction. It has commentary in different languages with the facility of headphones. The buses operate every day even on holidays. If you are planning a trip around Christmas then you can choose red and yellow bus. The last bus tour is blue and yellow bus. The bus has thirteen stops and travel in the clockwise direction around the Edinburgh city. The bus travels around the major attractions of Edinburgh.

  • There are various choices of ticket booking for you. The very first one is individual ticket. Make sure if you only want to just travel around the city without hop and hop off benefits then this ticket is recommended. Well this could turn out little boring as you cannot explore the places. If you are planning to explore all the sides of the Edinburgh in a day then Grand 24 ticket is best option. If you have 2 days in Edinburgh then definitely you can plan to have the Grand 48 ticket. Another option for you is the Royal ticket options. In this you can go to the three major attractions of the city that are Edinburgh castle, the yacht of Britannia and the palace of Holyroodhouse. The ticket price is £52 as it involves the benefits of the Grand 48 tickets and you don’t have to stand in big queues to get the tickets.
  • This point has some of the travel tips for the bus tour. The destination is marked with the red color and you can see the names in the bus. You have to give a sign to the driver to stop the bus at a place. Make sure to carry your headphones or you can ask for the same from the driver to listen to the audio commentary. You can even carry the map to visit the place you have planned to go.

You can book the tickets online too so that you don’t have to stand in a queue to get the ticket and make your trip hassle free.

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