What Is a Study Tour?

What Is a Study Tour?

Since 2007, the heat of studying abroad has significantly increased and the number of study tours has started to increase. In the past five years, study tours have become more popular. In 2014, the number of Chinese students studying overseas was close to 350,000; in 2015, it reached 500,000.

Not long ago, Tueniu.com released the “Online Overseas Study Market Consumption Analysis 2017”. According to the consumption situation of the last year’s study tour market, the report predicts that with the younger age of studying abroad, there will be more demand for the parent-child study market; The adult tourism market will also have room for further development; under the trend of further subdivision of the travel market, the future travel products will become increasingly diversified, and “tailor-made” tour products will be welcomed by more parents and students. The destination countries for overseas study will also become more diverse.

It is foreseeable that this study tour will continue in the next few years. Touring fever has emerged under the background of China’s social development and reflects the changes in the concept of education among Chinese people. There are also many hidden concerns behind its popularity.

In July 2007, a bus parked on Fifth Avenue in New York, USA. The car carried more than 30 high school students from Shanghai, China. The purpose of their trip was to studyUnited States.(美国留学)

Although it is also from a large city in China, the bustling scene of high-rise buildings in Manhattan makes this group of children feel new. “It was the feeling that all the high-rise buildings were lining up together and I was very impressed.” Xiao Jun, who was following this team to study in the United States, told the “China Science Journal” reporter.

Ten years ago, for most of the people, study abroad was a little stranger. At that time, Xiao Jun, who was studying in the next semester of his second year of high school, saw an advertisement for a trip to the United States. He was a Shanghai-based training institution that cooperated with various high schools. With the purpose of learning English, Xiao Jun registered for the summer vacation. . Later, led by a teacher, Xiao Jun came to the United States following a team of more than 30 people.

During a one-month period, Xiao Jun spent 20 days at a language school and lived in a local host family. At that time, the students at the school had already gone on holiday. A course was opened for Xiao Jun and others. Foreign teachers taught languages ​​and interacted with students. Classes are scheduled in the morning and in the afternoon, visits to parks, botanical gardens, fire stations, etc. are generally arranged. For the remaining 10 days, the East Coast to the West Coast will be visited to visit Disney, Universal Studios and other places. It will also be arranged for visits to five or six universities including New York University (纽约留学). The trip Xiao Jun spent a total of 20,000 yuan.

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