Wakatobi: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

Wakatobi: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

Wakatobi is a perfect location for free-divers and snorkelers.  Wakatobi can be considered as a paradise for snorkelers. Snorkelers at Wakatobi get the same level of support as scuba divers. All of our dive sites are rated for suitability for snorkeling based on the reef topography. Snorkelers who join the morning and mid-day boat excursions are accompanied with a pro snorkel guide who’s versed in the marine life found on our reefs.

Snorkeling equipment along with cameras and video systems are handled by our team and will already be on the boat whenever you step aboard. Towels, camera, and snacks assistance can also be provided, and the boat crew continuously monitors snorkelers while they’re in the water. The reef house is followed by our shored based team, who also have access to some taxi cab boat if necessary.

Besides, snorkelers can hire a Private Snorkel Guide to help with snorkeling skills, marine life meetings, and anything else to assist you in getting the most from your snorkeling sorties. Wakatobi’s house reef is an abundance of marine life and snorkelers can wade in straight from the beach or enter from the jetty ladder. The seagrass shallows are a refuge to species like filefish, coconut octopus and halimeda ghost pipefish, while areas surrounding the various coral heads host several colorful juveniles, cuttlefish, crocodile fish, moral eels, fresh greens, and hawksbill turtles and more.

Also, at least seven types of anemonefish were counted in the region surrounding the jetty and Jetty Bar! The dramatic fall off where the home Reef wall starts offers glimpses out to the gloomy and down the wall – turtles, bump-head parrotfish, rays, light mannered triggerfish, boxfish, pufferfish and midnight snapper can be seen among a lot of other species.


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