Using Zen Driving to Lower Stress

Using Zen Driving to Lower Stress

If you are on a commute each day to and from work it can take a lot out of you. Commuting or even driving in general can be a source of stress for many. Here are some to use Zen driving to help cut down on the stress in your life and make driving an opportunity to decompress.

  • Slow and Steady: Stop yourself from always being in a rush. Leave to work on time and that way you will not feel stressed and therefore need to be driving dangerously fast weaving in and out of traffic. There is nothing you can do about traffic so just drive at the speed limit and stop thinking about where you have to be. Focus on now and driving and you will stay calmer and safer.
  • Go with the Flow: A Zen approach to traffic is to view it as traveling in a school of fish. You are not in a race. Instead you are traveling together. Use this natural pace of the cars to calm yourself and view yourself as one unit moving towards a common goal. This will lower your pulse rate but also keep you more aware while driving which will keep you safer. Stay in harmony with the flow and you will get their safe and instead of feeling trapped you will feel in synch with nature.
  • Listen to Music: Switch off the radio with those annoying announcers and commercials and listen to your own car instead.  Get in tune with your car and listen to the engine as well as the sounds of the traffic around you. This will add to your fish in a school feeling by keeping you in tune with your surroundings and more aware of the moment to keep you relaxed instead of anxious about getting somewhere.
  • Breathe: When you do start to feel stressed or angry focus on your breathing to stay calm. Breathe while focusing on the rise and fall of your belly and if you are really stressed count to five when you inhale and then down from five to zero when you exhale. You will feel yourself become calmer.
  • Loosen Your Grip: Drive with your body loose. Keep your hands relaxed on the wheel instead of gripping it with clenched teeth. Just stay relaxed so your body is comfortable and tension free.
  • Enjoy the View: Even the most boring drive is bound to have something you have never noticed before. When stuck in traffic look around and admire the view. You can still keep focused on driving and look around and watch what your fellow drivers are up to. You can use this to keep you alert to danger while taking in the world.

Last but not least drive your dream car 2017 Acura rdx or any other with a smile on your face. It will keep you feeling happy and might even get some fellow drivers to smile as well.

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