Using Daily Deal Sites To Save Money When Traveling

Using Daily Deal Sites To Save Money When Traveling

Daily deals sites like Groupon and Living Social offer people a chance to save big when vacationing.

Many people use daily deal sites in their hometown, but the sites can also save money when traveling. Nearly every major metropolitan area has sites offering deals on a daily basis, and the savvy budget traveler can use these to score deals when in another city.

Save Money When Dining

There are often deals for restaurants to be had via these daily deals sites, especially via the national sites. Sometimes it’s for a popular chain, sometimes it’s for a lesser known restaurant, but with deals that are often 50 percent or more off regular prices, using these deals sites can really help out the budget. Especially since dining out when traveling tends to be one of the biggest areas of a travel budget.

When in doubt about a restaurant, do a web search for reviews on sites like Yelp or Urbanspoon to find out more about a place before ordering a daily deal.

Save Money on Activities

Jeep tours, museum discounts, spa packages – these are but a few of the daily deals one can purchase for a vacation destination. They may not be the top attractions in a town, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be any less fun. Again, a web search for reviews will help in the decision of whether it’s a good deal or not.

Save Money on Accommodations

Many of the national deals sites are now offering discounted hotel, resort and villas stays. To be honest, these aren’t always the best deals, but it definitely is worth it to give these a look as it is possible to score up to 60 percent off.

Things to note with lodging deals are not only the fine print terms of the offer, but location, length of stay and any extras not included in the deal price like taxes or daily resort fees.

The Best Daily Deal Sites to Use

Due to the popularity of these daily deal sites, they seem to be popping up everywhere. The best sites to use are those that are already established, especially on a national level, since they can leverage better deals.

Among the best are: Groupon, Living Social and Haute Look (for getaways). Drinkbin is only in select Florida and California cities as of this article, but is a great resource for discounts at bars and nightclubs. Airbnb is one of the best websites to find affordable and comfortable accommodation for your trip. Not only you get to live like a local and enjoy the comfort of a private home, but you also save money as the prices on Airbnb tend to be lower than in hotels. If you have never tried renting a place via Airbnb, I definitely recommend giving it a shot. And as a new member, you can enjoy $40-50 off first-time Airbnb discount

Tips to Get the Best Discounts

Get an email address to use just for these deal sites. Google or Yahoo are two such places to this. Then sign up for each site’s mailing list for the city or cities on the travel itinerary. When a deal pops up, be sure to read the fine print on the page for usage. If the terms and price are right, snap up the deal.

Most national deals sites offer up to a year from the purchase date before the deal expires, so it’s fine to monitor the sites and buy in advance of the trip. Just make sure to leave some room, time-wise, in case the trip needs to be rescheduled for whatever reason. This way the deal will still be valid.

So don’t just use daily deal sites to save money when home. Use them as another resource to save money when traveling, too.

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