Useful Camping Tips

Useful Camping Tips

Don’t you just love this time of year, the April showers have come and gone, spring has sprung, and we have the occasional heat wave, summer is coming – which can only mean one thing – CAMPING season. It’s the perfect low cost family trip, not to mention it’s tons of fun, for grown ups and kids alike.

Choose a location, pitch the tent and let the family memories begin.

There are so many beautiful idyllic spots around for you to choose from and sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming to choose one – will it be safe, are there enough activities for the kids, are there shops around incase you have forgotten your toothbrush, and the list goes on.

To help you plan your camping trip with your family, take a look at these helpful tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Location, location, location..

Ask friends or family for recommendations. Join a camping forum. Look at online reviews. There is so much information online these days – you’ll quickly have a ‘top camping destination’ list on your hands.

Camping gear…

Make a checklist for everything, from camping equipment, to clothes and toiletries, to entertainment for the kids whilst getting to your destination, to food or snacks, to a first aid box. Cover every area.

Take a look at these great deals to ensure you don’t miss anything off your checklists –

Make sure you get equipment that is lightweight, easy to transport, compact and waterproof (just to be on the safe side). Your camping trip should be fun, not a workout.

(Don’t forget those extra tent pegs.)

Stay safe..

Worst case scenario will be spiders in your tent but it’s always useful to know how to keep your family safe especially whilst you are asleep. If you are on a family camping trip get a family sized tent with the bedrooms side by side rather than separate tents. Or make it a sleepover and snuggle up with the kids (adults sleep closest to the zip/entrance). Take padlocks with you and lock the tent from inside. And if you are still over-worrying, take whistles with you and if anyone feels in danger, use them.

Camping sites offer a lot of security and you’re less likely to encounter a wandering animal into your area.

If you are feeling braver, make sure you have your safety checklist.

Places to avoid include:

  • Dry creek beds, there is always the danger of a flash flood.
  • Where wild animals come to drink.
  • The beach, unless you know the tides really well.
  • Sloping ground.
  • Ant hills and trails.
  • Near stagnant water – mosquitoes love places like this.
  • Under gum trees which might drop branches.

It’s also important to make sure you are aware of the campside safety. Always ask the campsite supervisor to provide you with the rules and regulations of their site i.e. open fires, electricity safety, ticks and bites etc.

Other essentials to consider:



Repair kit for tent

Bottled water


Wet wipes

Now that you have your camping trip planned make sure you have the right equipment – Groupon voucher codes to make sure you and your family have ticked all the essentials you will need whilst enjoying your family camping trip.

Happy camping.

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