Unmarried Couples Guide To Hotel Stay In India

Unmarried Couples Guide To Hotel Stay In India

Many unmarried couples have doubts whether they can book a hotel to stay in India. Yes, it is fine to stay in any hotel across India. There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples staying together in a hotel. It is one’s personal choice choosing to stay together at a place and it cannot be restricted.

There are many low budget hotels available where unmarried couples can make a booking for their stay in India. There are some OYO rooms available that welcomes unmarried couples. Another popular app called NightStay helps you find last-minute hotels at great prices. Most of the hotels listed on NightStay app are couple friendly.

Any hotels have the right to deny admission for any reason. There are many hotels that don’t allow unmarried couples to stay together because a hotel wants to save their image from defaming. If any low budget hotels allow couples to stay together, they might be seen as supporting prostitution or illegal activity.

However premium hotels don’t bother such issues, and police interference will remain minimal.. You will be required to submit ID proof, and individuals should be above 18 years of age.

A Guide for Unmarried Couples to Stay at a Hotel in India

There might be some hotels and online sites that don’t service unmarried couples, but there are hotels that don’t care who stay in a room as long as they are paid. There are few things to be kept in mind when unmarried couples are looking to book hotels in India.

  • First, when you are choosing a hotel to stay, doesn’t ask them whether they have any problem a couple sharing a room. The hotel may deny service right away.
  • It is better to make bookings through online sites. For booking, you may choose the www.makemytrip.com. You may also check www.goibibo.com to book rooms in any cities.
  • Make a booking for two adults and check-in, and if hotel denies entry, you may call customer service to make an alternative book at any other hotel.
  • It is very important how you dress, so it is preferable to be dressed in business casual. The hotel reception will assume you are on a business trip. They may not ask you too many questions.
  • You may choose a premium hotel to book a stay overnight rather than choosing a guesthouse or motels.
  • Carry a small suitcase with clothes packed in it. Ensure the hotel staff carries it to your room. This can make your stay legitimate to the hotel staff.
  • Make sure you call the front desk to confirm your booking a few hours before.
  • You should always take a cab to the hotel and never use your transport. When checking into a hotel, the local number plates can raise the question in hotel staff’s mind. They may deny staying for you.
  • If the front desk asks whether you are married, decline to the answer and be assertive.
  • Get hotel membership because they are pretty cheap and it’s worth every stay. The membership will include free stay and discounts at restaurants.
  • Make sure both of you carry a valid photo ID with address. For some hotels, the ID proof would be enough to offer you stay.

If you are planning to spend some private time with your lover, there are options available to book a room in India. You may pick hotels listed on the websites for a hassle free stay.

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