Travel Mexico Safely and Enjoy Your Trip

Travel Mexico Safely and Enjoy Your Trip

Mexico is a different country with different geography and culture. Most people are friendly, but like everywhere there are some bad people too. Here are a few tips for women how to stay safe in Mexico.

What Do You Wear in Mexico?

Wear clothes that are modest and be polite to avoid unwanted attention, verbally or physically in cities or making the locals upset in conservative places.

Street Smarts

Try not to use your phone in the central plaza, as in the city you want to avoid unwanted attention. Try to keep your phone and cash out of anyone’s sight. Carry one photocopy of your ID with you always, but keep the real documents locked safe somewhere, better where you are staying. Closely track your credit card.

While many criminal activities towards females in Mexico are either drug/gang relevant or is due to domestic violence, so use your common sense, and you are going to find Mexico is as safe as your home.

  • Know your surroundings
  • Do not open your room door unless you know/trust the individual
  • Under no scenarios divulge where you are staying to an unfamiliar person
  • If you are welcomed to a party/event, suggest that you will bring a person along and allow a pal, or even the receptionist at your holiday accommodation, recognize your whereabouts. If it doesn’t feel right, do not go
  • Prevent traveling at night or straying around in badly lit areas and coastline places
  • If you’re taking a trip alone and do not feel confident exploring a location, sign up with an excursion. Aside from the safety and security facet, it’s a wonderful means to satisfy travel companions
  • While it’s incredibly uncommon, women vacationers have reported drink-spiking in bars/clubs, on public transport as well as even at the coastline
  • Research, the community you are staying in, as well as ask the residents where the no-go areas are.
  • Travel via bus, buy your tickets online, as in bus stations you might face trouble to communicate with the ticket counter.
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