Touring the Town Of Budva, Montenegro

Touring the Town Of Budva, Montenegro

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Budva is popular for its tourism in Montenegro. It is known for its scenic beauty, beaches with varying landscapes and clear waters. It also has monasteries which provide a diverse tourism experience. Its old town sets it apart with its distinct cultural and historic feel.


Budva is known for its beaches. You can rent umbrellas or beach beds to take a sun bath. The beaches have plenty of restaurants and shops for some street-side shopping.

  • Ploce Beach

Ploce beach has tiny pebbles and nice little entrances in the sea. The water is crystal clear with at least 30 meters visibility. It ‘s a clean, well maintained and organized beach. You can are not allowed to take your own food or drinks but there are plenty of restaurants with reasonable prices. It also has pools if you don’t want to take children in the sea.

  • Mogren Beach

Mogren beach is a few minutes’ walk around the cliffs from the old town. Surrounded by trees, it is a coarse sandy beach. This is in fact a pair of two beaches, beach 1 and 2.  A pathway built through and around the mountain rocks connects the two beaches.

  • Jaz Beach

This beach has no sand. Full of beautiful round stones, you can take a stroll as long as you bring proper shoes.

  • Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo beach, one of the most popular tourist spot, is located behind Rafailovici. It has both sandy areas as well as pebble covered areas.


Need some quiet after spending a day on the beaches? A visit to the monasteries will do you some good.

  • Podmaine Monastery

Located up the hill from Budva center, this monastery is calm and peaceful place with beautiful gardens. You can get a view of the sea and Budva center from the terrace. The friendly monks narrate the long history of the monastery if you are interested.

  • Rustovo monastery

This is a well preserved monastery situated on a  promontory which lends a stunning panoramic view. This charming and largely unknown monastery should be a must on your places to visit in Budva.


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