When you think of trekking in Peru, tell me that Inca Trail doesn’t come to your mind first. Because it’s popular? But that’s not the only trek in Peru. This article will provide you with useful information on top treks in Peru. And everyone is welcome, both young and old.

The Inca Trail which covers forty-three kilometers is typically the well-known hike which takes you from Cusco to Machu Picchu. You have a variety of Inca Trail treks to choose from – 4-day Private Inca Trail, two-day Short Inca Trail, four-day Group Inca Trail and the five-day Private Inca Trail hike.

The Four Day Inca Trail Trek gives you room to admire the beautiful sites and natural view of the ancient and sacred city. If you’ll be going on this trek, it’s important that you’re in the best of health and can get acclimatized quickly to have the best of the adventure. The price per person begins at $760 and is usually set for groups of at least two people. The services attached include payment of entrance fees, a professional tour guide, breakfast and a lunch box during the hike and lodging at Aguas Calientes among others.

Short Inca Trail Trek is the easiest way to get to Machu Picchu within a short time. During the trek, you get to link up with the Classic Inca Trail and take a look at the cloud forest and scenic trail. The price per person is $420 and included in the benefits are a one-night accommodation in Aguas Calientes, a professional tour guide, entrance fees to Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, breakfast on day two and lunch on both day one and two among other benefits. Despite being short, this trek still affords you the opportunity of marveling at the official sites of Inca Trail.

Salkantay Inca Trail Trek takes five days and four nights. Very early on day one, you take a bus to Mollepata, start a three-hour trek to Cruzpata and descend at Soraypamapa. From Colcapampa, you’ll find your way down to Saint Teresa where you camp on the third day and eventually arrive at Machu Picchu on day five. The price per person is $655, and additional services include a tent for two people, a cook, a horseman and a mule (to carry you when you’re fatigued). Also, you’ll need a sleeping mattress, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for four days and dinner for three days, a First Aid kit, and extra oxygen.

Choquequirao Trek covers thirty-nine miles, and you get to see the Apurimac Canyon and Vilcabamba mountain range. For a group of two people, which is the smallest group of trekkers, the price per person is $650. On day one, we move to Cachora village, descend to Santa Rosa and continue to Maranpata. On the third day, we arrive at our last camp site, Chiquisca, and on day four, we return to Cachora village on feet and join a bus back to Cusco.

Regardless of the trek you choose, it’s important to come along with an original Passport, Travel Insurance, walking boots, hat and gloves, comfortable trousers, waterproof jackets, and a sleeping bag. You’ll need water for lunch on the first day alone, personal medication, camera and films, and other things like extra money.

We’ve shared the popularly known treks in Peru with you, but these are not all. We still have the Lares Valley Trek, Vilcabamba Trek, Sacred Valley tour, Ausungate Trek and more. If you like more information about these treks, we welcome you to visit our website or ring our line. Evolution Treks Peru is a travel agency that stands out for its commitment to hikers. We are committed to giving you many ‘wow’ moments. Happy trekking!

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