Top 7 must try Rides in Tokyo Disney Land

Top 7 must try Rides in Tokyo Disney Land

If you ask any child his or her dream destination, more often than not, the answer would be Disney Land. And who can blame them? It is one of the most magical places on the face of the Earth! You can get to interact, play, and ride numerous attractions that will surely enliven your childhood dreams.

It’s important to plan your trip to Disney Land. If you’re planning to fly to Tokyo to visit their own Disney Land, here’s a list of the fun rides you should try!

Big Thunder Mountain

Modelled after an abandoned gold mine in California, this roller coaster ride takes you to a thrilling and heart-pumping journey. Its sudden drops, slopes, and Rocky Mountains will surely make you scream on the top of your lungs!

Warning! This ride is definitely not for the fainthearted. Before you attempt to try this attraction, make sure that you’re not suffering from any heart ailments.

Splash Mountain

This ride takes you to a classic Disney film, Song of the South. It’s a world filled with adorable animals with that southern charm. After a relaxing tour, your heart will leap with the surprising finale of the ride. Plunge to a 16-feet waterfall that’ll surely end your ride on a high note!

If you want to forever relish the moment, you can get a copy of the captured moment. Just visit the Splashdown Photos to buy one.

Jungle Cruise

Are you and your kids interested in the wildlife? If you are, then this attraction is a must-try for you! You’ll ride a Boat that will take you to a jungle filled with amazing animals that truly depict the wildlife. Lions, elephants, crocodiles, and lions are just some of the creatures that you’ll get a chance to see as if they are in their natural habitat. You can also opt for a nighttime cruise if you want a more eerie and mysterious ride.

Haunted Mansion

Looking for something spooky and fun? Enter the classic Haunted Mansion! This mysterious gothic mansion is haunted with 999 ghosts, ghouls, and other dark creatures that will send an eerie feeling down your spine. Remember; always keep in mind your number when you entered the mansion. You might go out with one less friend after the attraction.

Pooh’s Honey Hunt

Another attraction based from a Disney classic, the Pooh’s Honey Hunt is a whimsical and enjoyable attraction for the family. Journey together with Pooh as his search for the favorite food and honey. You will also get to experience the awesome world of Hundred Acre Wood.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Experience the rough and adventurous life of Jack Sparrow and his comrades in this super dynamic attraction. This ride will surely blow your mind out as you see get to hear pirates, see splashing cannonballs, and other amazing feats. After this ride, yow old want to set off to the seas and start your own adventure!

Relive your childhood today with this awesome tour in Tokyo Disney Land. Plus, discover other larger than life rides on your trip!


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