Top 7 Budget Bars in New Delhi

Top 7 Budget Bars in New Delhi

New Delhi can be an expensive place to the uninitiated, but if you are from Delhi, you would have all the idea about where to go when your budget is tight. If you are looking for places to party but are a little low when it comes to budget, then you have come to the right place. We have curated this list of places where you can go and have a gala time and save money in the process. These bars have the best of food and drinks as well as the kind of ambiance you go out for. Here are the top seven budget bars in New Delhi:

  • Mokshaa

Mokshaa lounge and bar in New Friends Colony, South Delhi is one of the best budget bars in this city. It’s known for its amazing cocktails and mocktails apart from the delicious North Indian food. It’s the perfect place for night-outs with friends. The pleasing interiors and foot-tapping music set the perfect mood for lounging.

  • My Bar:

This bar in Connaught Place, My Bar is the place where all college goers go. It is a little more expensive than Café MRP, but it has the best ambiance for youngsters and college goers. In case you are one of those party people who likes to party daily but want an excellent place as well then My Bar should be your pick. Beware that it stays a little crowded sometimes.

  • Chug It:

Chug It is a bar at Club Road, North West Avenue, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh! This place has the best food in bars. The drinks are incredible and the prices are mind blowing as well. Your palate as well as your wallet both would go home happy, which should definitely make you happy as well.

  • Sam’s Café:

At Vivek Hotel, Paharganj, Sam’s Café is another one of the budget bars in New Delhi. Youngsters are jam-packed at this bar as this is a rooftop café and it gives a bustling view of Paharganj. The menu has excellent offers in Chinese, Italian and North Indian along with alcohol that is nominally priced.

  • Pebble Street:

Pebble Street has two branches – one is at New Friends Colony and the other is at Connaught Place. This place has the best finger food range, which pairs up perfectly with the vast expanse of leniently priced booze. The cuisine is finger licking good as well. If you want a classy gala time with less burden on your pocket, then this is the place for you.

  • Castle 9:

Castle 9 is one of those bars, which look expensive and feels expensive, but is very reasonably priced. This is also situated at the heart of New Delhi i.e. Connaught Place. This is a very posh place and you might want to dress up your best when you go here. You can drink away all your woes without even thinking about whether it is the start or the end of the month.

  • TC Bar & Restaurant:

As the name suggests, it is a restaurant as well. Therefore, in case you feel an itch in your stomach after drinking loads of inexpensive booze, then you can eat up and satiate your hunger. The food is excellent and mouthwatering. The ambiance of the place is so lively that you won’t get bored at all.

New Delhi can be expensive, but it can be dirt cheap as well. You just need to have an eye to look for places like these.

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