To European Skiing Resorts – On A Motorhome

To European Skiing Resorts – On A Motorhome

Every winter motorhome enthusiasts head to enjoy skiing resorts of the European Union. Why Europe? Because the customer service in European winter resorts in exceptionally high. Why travelling in a motorhome? Because you can save on living costs.

Motorhome preparation for winter journeys.

At subzero temperatures and snow-covered trails, a motorhome requires special attention before departure. Replacing caravans with winter tires is a must. Also, it is worthwhile to worry about anti-skid chains for wheels.

Assess the status of your camper and the “winter” requirements for the areas where you will travel. Ideally, you need to get a car in the service – clean the nozzles, remove the carbon deposits in the engine, disassemble and clean the inside of the fuel tank, check the braking system – the work of the electrician and the generator. For caravans with a diesel engine, it may be worthwhile to install fuel heaters.

Do not skimp on the antifreeze. The engine cooling system must not freeze. Charge the battery, in the washer glass – pour anti-freeze liquid.

Note that choosing to rent a camper in Europe will let you not to worry about all of the above. The technical staff of the motorhome rental companies will prepare the cars for departure themselves and without additional payment.

Special “winter” preparation of the motorhome

Camper is not an ordinary car, it is a full-fledged house with its own life support system (heating and sanitation). Each of its elements must be prepared separately for the journey to take place in the winter months.

Heating in a motorhome, as a rule, is provided with a gas heater with air or liquid coolant. There are liquid fuel and electric heating systems, but they do not provide a full autonomy for the camper. Before the winter tour it is required to fill the gas cylinders completely. Gas is consumed quickly – the contents of all cylinders will last less than a week. Take into account the possible gas filling points along the entire route of the trip when planning it.

Heating of liquid camper systems

Warming in a “winter” house on wheels requires not only passengers, but also containers with liquid – with clean water and with spent. Each tank must be equipped with a heating system, otherwise the water in it will freeze and rupture the container. The probability of freezing the tank with the used liquid (located under the floor of the camper) will be lower if the floor is double (main and raised floors). Leaving the car on a long parking lot and leaving it you need to drain liquids from the tanks and open all the cranes. You can also leave the radiator in the camper included – the caravan systems will not freeze and you will not have to wait until your transport warms up again.

In order not to freeze the liquid contents of the bio-toilette capsule, it needs to be equipped with heating. Or – easier – to add a non-flask to the toilet flush tank.

Finally – about the “winter” benefits of caravanning. Rent a fully equipped motorhome in the cold months of the year for a good discount – up to 30%.

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