Tips to Explore Some of the Best Beaches on the Llyn Peninsula

Tips to Explore Some of the Best Beaches on the Llyn Peninsula

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Llyn peninsula as it is considered a treasured time outdoors with the blaze of natural colors. During the season of September to November, the seas are at their warmest, which makes it the best time for surfers to visit as they will experience some great waves with quiet beaches.

  • The first beach is the Porth Ceiriad, which is a National Trust Beach. The beach is at the tip of the Llyn peninsula and is south-facing that is a real gem as it will give sunlight all day long. The beach rarely gets busy and is a sheltered location between two sandstone headlands.
  • A quick walk from the peninsula towards the sandy dunes will take you to the next beach Porth Iago which is one of the prettiest beaches on the peninsula. It is sheltered by two grassy headlands, golden sand, blue water, and perfect for families or paddleboarders.
  • Aberdaron is a tiny village which is located on the western corner of the peninsula with an expansive sandy beach. It is perfect for a beach day out with young children. The place has some great rocks, and you can even collect some shells and other findings. The village is situated on the back side of the beach so you can avail the local services.
  • The beach Porth Colman is a paradise for children as it has plenty of rocks to explore. The beach is called Penllech. However, visitors refer it by calling Porth Colman.
  • You will find a great range of holiday cottages with best deals around the Llyn peninsula. All of these cottages are perfectly located to take advantage of the stunning stretches of the sand. You will find lodges North Wales, which will be perfect for your accommodation.

All these tips will help you explore the many beaches on the Llyn peninsula along with excellent accommodation facilities.


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