After the whirlwind experience of planning a wedding, ensuring it takes off as planned, and meeting the demands of the actual wedding day, couples deserve a break. This break usually comes in the form of a honeymoon, and most couples settle forluxury hotels in different parts of the world. Your honeymoon should be enjoyable and luxurious, and you deserve all of the special treatment you can get.

However, many honeymooners do not realise that they can use their newlywed status to receive exclusive perks and special treatment from the hotels they are staying in. The perks and special treatment comes in the form of hotel upgrades that will make your honeymoon that much better. The following are some of the ways that couples on their honeymoon can get exclusive hotel upgrades.

  1. Tell the concierge

The easiest way to get a hotel upgradefor your honeymoon stay is to inform the concierge that it is your honeymoon. When booking a hotel for your honeymoon, you need to do so directly either through the company’s website, over the email or phone. Booking directly will give you an opportunity to talk to the concierge or hotel staff, and inform them as to the purpose of your intended visit to the establishment. Once you inform them that you are celebrating your honeymoon, they will be inclined to give you upgrades throughout your stay.

These upgrades can come in the form of a room upgrade, complimentary flowers, drinks, and meals.

  1. Look out for reward programs

Hotel reward programs can also be an excellent source of hotel upgrades for honeymooners. Hotels are inclined to reward customers that are bringing major business their way, and you should take full advantage of this. In most instances, couples who use hotels as wedding venues are given complimentary rooms as part of the package. During the planning stages of the ceremony, look for and book a hotel that offers complimentary honeymoon rooms and suites for couples that use the establishment as a wedding venue. Some of the hotels offer two to fourfree honeymoon nights for couples that wed there, so be sure to be on the lookout for this when booking a hotel for your wedding.

  1. Book off-season

Hotels are more likely to give you a room upgrade for your honeymoon during the off peak season as compared to during peak seasons. The reason for this is quite simple. During the off peak months, the hotels have more space available, which makes it easier to give their honeymoon guests free room upgrades. However, during the peak months, the hotels find themselves fully booked. Thus, they are unable to upgrade their newlywed guests.

If you still prefer booking your honeymoon stay during the peak season, then ensure to book weekdays rather than weekends to increase your chances of getting a room upgrade amongst other honeymoon perks.

You also need to remember that traveling and booking a hotel stay during the off peak months is significantly less expensive than doing so during the peak season. This means that whether you get the free room upgrade or not, you are still saving a lot of money by booking your stay during the off peak season.

Hotel honeymoon Bali offers you the very best when it comes to honeymoon stays. This is the ultimate honeymoon destination for couples from all over the world every year. The hotel understands how essential a honeymoon is, and it goes out of its way to ensure that its newlywed guests have the most incredible honeymoon imaginable. With the hotel offering numerous perks and upgrades, you are guaranteed of the most epic honeymoon experience.

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