Time to secure a booking for the Inca Trail 2018.

Time to secure a booking for the Inca Trail 2018.

Word is out there that the Inca Trail Reservations for 2018 will have an early start this year. For many years the Inca trail bookings used to start at the beginning of January, but next year things will be completely different.

There has not been yet an official press release coming out of the SERNANP office, the Peruvian government’s office in charge of the management of the park, but we have heard from very confidential sources that the sale of permits for the Inca Trail 2018 will start in October of 2017. It will be a departure from what has been the protocol in which reservations used to be made in January, which is three months ahead of what is intended this year.

We advise our readers to be proactive and make the preparations for securing their permits for the Inca Trail 2018.  People can make reservations by following the steps of this guide for how to book an Inca Trail permit.

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