Things You Want to Know About Off-Road Adventures

Things You Want to Know About Off-Road Adventures

There are very few fun ways to spend time off by driving a 4×4 following the ‘Mojave Road’. This goes from Bullhead City, Arizona over to Newberry Springs, California. These 140 miles of off road trail is full of landmarks that are historical…as well as snakes – lots of snakes. It was first blazed by the Native Americans, with the road having been trekked by explorers from Spain, colonizers from Europe, and the United States Army during the last hundreds of years.


And there is good reason why; it is home to many of this area’s premium landmarks – such as:

  • Colorado River;
  • Rock Spring;
  • Joshua Tree Forest;
  • Government Monument;
  • Soda Lake.

Government Monument

Government Monument is where explorers stacked up rocks that they carried on the way crossing the dried bed of the Soda Lake. But words to the wise: Carry plenty of water. There is only one place for water long the way. There are hundreds of these off-road adventures.

Family vacations

There are many families that take time off by going for adventure travel. For these families this means having adventures on the roads less traveled – and this means off-road adventure.


One key point is preparation as it is vital to having an adventure that is successful. Before getting under way, you need to give your vehicle a good inspection. Nothing ruins 4×4 adventures than having to walk for miles due to a broken-down vehicle. You need to know if something is wrong before you go as you rely on this equipment and get to know it well. So, get in the habit of walking around your vehicle before you hit the trails.

Must haves

There are a few “must haves” prior to heading down the trails. These are items such as flashlights, gloves, food, water and snacks are essentials. Things do breakdown, wheels do get stuck, it does get dark on you and you need to be ready and you will be with these essentials.

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