Things to do in Slovenia

Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the countries that has most surprised me in the recently years. You can easily find there wild nature, astonishing views from the alps and tasteful food. There are many things you can do in Slovenia and here in this article we present you a list of it.

Here is a list of things you can do in Slovenia.

1 – Lake Bled

This is the most visited place in Slovenia. Since hundreds of years the Lake Bled has been known by its idyllic sorroundings in the middle of Julian Alps. In the lake there is a little church that you can visit. Renting a boat is possible there, just need 10 minutes of ride to get to the church. In the top of cliff by the lake coast lays the famous Castle. It has a museum and a views that you will never forget!

2- Thermal Spas

Slovenia has a wide range of thermal spas accross the countries. Most of them are located in the eastern part of the country. Thermal Spas are well know to relief stress and to heal diseases. But not only that. Many spas offer a diverse choice of service like exotic massages.

Slovenia is a land of healthy water. Choose which thermal spa you wish to visit in the green surroundings of the the Karst Region, the Alps, or Pannonian Plain .

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3 – Ljubljana

Ljubljana (pronounced as Liubliana), the capital city of Slovenia, has a population of 300.000 inhabitantes. It has a rich cultural life through all the year. You can enjoy there the opera, visit the national musem and walk by the charming Tivoli Park where often are exhibitions. The Ljubljanica river by the old town always offers an incredible and delightful experience. Enjoy a turkish while seated at one of the nmerous cafes available there.

4 – Hiking

Slovenia offers such great oportunities for hiking through all the country. As a big part of Slovenia is covered by mountains and forest almost everywhere is great for walking tours or hiking! Specially in Triglav National Park where are located the highest mountains in Slovenia. Hiking is an excellent way to discover the natural beauty of Slovenia. Around the country there are over ten thousand kilometers of mountain trails of various difficulties.

5- The coast

Slovenia doesn’t have a long coast line neither mind-blowing beaches, but the cities in this part of the country are simply charming. They have this distinct italian style of living as this part of the adriatic coast used be part of venetian kingdom. Also this is very clearly seen in its architecture. It is worth visiting here Koper and Portoroz, one very near of each other.

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