The Great Canadian Travel Plan – Top Tips for Holidaymakers

The Great Canadian Travel Plan – Top Tips for Holidaymakers

 When you are planning on a Canadian holiday, it is important that you develop an itinerary that will help you maximise your time. However, making your travel plans in Canada might seem to be difficult because of the country’s size.

Canada is surrounded by three oceans, and you can choose to take a sea to sea to sea tour. However, that will take a lot of time and money. If you can only spend a limited amount of time, then you should consider focusing on a single region. This is an ideal way of spending your holiday in Canada.

For first time visitors, it is best to spend time in Central, Eastern or Western Canada. Central Canada is popular for its vibrant cities that include Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. There you can also find forests, lakes, and prairies. Eastern Canada is where you’ll find the Maritime Provinces that are renowned for their shorelines, small town vibes, and quaint villages. If you want to see the most wonderful sceneries in the country, then head to Western Canada. There you’ll find the alpine lakes, Pacific coastlines, glaciers, and mountains.

Canada’s West Coast

One of the most popular regions in Canada for visitors is the West Coast where you can find Victoria, Tofino, Salt Spring Island, Whistler, and Vancouver. People think that Whistler is only fun during the winter months. On the contrary, there is plenty of stuff you can do there any time of the year.

After spending a day in Whistler, go to Vancouver where you can ride a ferry that will take you to Victoria. Seven days is enough to explore Vancouver and Victoria. It is also recommended to do some sightseeing in the Salt Spring Island, and visit some of the artisan studios and local farms at that location.

If you still have some time left on your Canadian holiday, you can stay in a coastal lodge in Tofino for up to two nights. Then head to one of the beaches of Pacific Rim Nationalto walk along the short or do some surfing.

Mountains of Western Canada

If you love to see the Canadian Rockies, then head to Western Canada. Take a seven-day road trip in the area that starts in Vancouver and ends in Calgary. Or you can do it in the opposite direction. The trip will take you to Kelowna, Banff National Park, Icefields Parkway, and Jasper.

Eastern Canada

A week in Eastern Canada is not enough. You will need around ten days to fully enjoy the things Eastern Canada has to offer. Some of the popular destinations in the region are Cape Breton Island, Charlottetown, Halifax, and Lunenburg. There are plenty to see in the area, and it is best that you rent a car if you are planning to explore Eastern Canada during your holiday.

These are just some of the places in Canada that you might want to include in your travel plan. The next time you are planning a holiday, be sure to consider going on a Canadian road trip with your friends.

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