The experience of driving a Ferrari

The experience of driving a Ferrari

Ferraris are very special vehicles not only for their amazing and impressive powers but also for having many things in common with the high competition cars. To drive a Ferrari without taking extreme risks that could endanger not only your life (but others’), you must have information, experience and, first of all, a lot of prudence. A very common option that many motor enthusiasts carry out is to drive a Ferrari in a circuit, a safe and professional alternative that will fill you with satisfaction.

From time to time, we can see or read in the media about an accident with a Ferrari car involved. In these cases, the investigations usually reveal that the main cause of the event was an excess of speed and the lack of preparation of the driver. A person with experience in driving a Ferrari who, in addition, has had, for example, a previous apprenticeship when driving a Ferrari in Montmeló, could take control of the car. Driving a car of these characteristics not only requires a large dose of prudence and responsibility, but also some experience in driving sports vehicles.

The selection of clients

The Italian house Ferrari is characterized by having many peculiarities that differentiate it from other car brands. One of them is the fact that the Italian house selects its clients. This is due to image issues, since an image of damaged vehicle on a road would be a very bad image for the company. We must also take into account that we are talking about cars with very high prices that can turn, on average, around 150,000 Euros. So everything indicates that they are the least suitable machines to drive recklessly.

For all this and more, it is clear that driving a Ferrari is nothing like driving a traditional tourism. The Ferraris have very powerful engines that normal drivers are not used to. They are cars that can achieve a performance equivalent to a 400 horsepower engine, which means almost 300 more horsepower than an average car. With these characteristics, we are talking about cars that are not only capable of reaching maximum speeds close to 300 kilometers per hour, but that their acceleration is also demonized with figures that move close to 5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Features only similar to those we can get when driving a Lamborghini or driving a Porsche. So everything indicates that a good option is to practice driving a Ferrari in a closed circuit like what people do when they  rent Ferrari in Dubai. Fortunately, there are different companies and associations that offer Ferrari experiences in the different circuits.


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