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TetraHydroCannabinol (THC) is the major proactive component of Marijuana. A piss test or THC urine drug examination is the simplest method of drug testing as it is very cheap. The urine sample is screened by mixing it with some chemicals and dipping a drug test strip in it if the results are positive a more complicated method is used which is called a confirmation test. This uses mass spectrometry or complex gas chromatography. This is more expensive but very accurate.

Department of Health standardizes drug testing using certified laboratories in which the minimum concentration for positive result is 50ng/ml. Which means that you don’t have to be pure but the concentration of the drug in your system should be at a very low level. Most are drug test is performed before one is employed, it can also be done in schools, rehab centers, and prisons to determine the cause of some behaviors or characteristics in the involved group.

Marijuana stays in our system for approximately 1 to 20 days as THC half-life metabolites in human system can take 1 to 10 days. This differs from one person to another as metabolism rate varies in different people. Other factors such as individual’s weight, age, physical activities and the rate of weed intake will affect THC half-life. An infrequent marijuana user will eliminate the THC from his or her system faster than the frequent user. This is said that it can be wrong as the system of a chronic user is accustomed to eliminating this toxin which makes THC stay for a long time in their system. Weight also affect the period that THC last in human system as it is stored in fat cells.

Marijuana is illegal in most states although its intake is high. This is the reason why most people who are marijuana users are always worried about how to pass the test. This might be a private thing but most employees consider it when determining if the perspective has satisfied the required standards, due to this everyone’s objective is to pass the drug test. In some countries being positive after a drug test can lead to imprisonment as some drugs such as marijuana are illegal and should not be used by its citizens. As a result, some companies have come up with some substances that a person can use to pass the drug test .These companies are able to make a lot of profit as the people who require their products are desperate and needy which would make them go an extra step in order to pass the test.

These companies make products such as;


This has vitamin B3 as the basic component and it is used in treating niacin deficiency, high level of cholesterol and a large number of triglycerides. This is also sold by some companies as a drug used to pass a drug test. This drug has not been scientifically proven as effective in covering drug use although some popular urban legends are seen promoting the use of this drug as a method of passing the various drug tests particularly marijuana.

Some people overdose niacin as it is believed to enhance the breaking down of the drugs and thus they are flushed out. This is very dangerous as it can lead to metabolic acidosis, arrhythmias, hyperglycemia and it can injure the liver or result in liver failure where you may need a liver transplant. Niacin is sold over the counter or through doctor’s prescription as medicine. Niacin also causes skin flushing and rashes. Most People believe that vitamins are harmless whereas they can be very powerful and poisonous. Businesses that sell this drug over the counter get a lot of profit as many people buy it in hope of positive results as they lack enough knowledge about the drug.

Test Clear with Sub-solution

This is synthetic urine that is made by mixing different chemical compounds such as uric acid and some urea to imitate the real human urine, Its PH is balanced, it is given the same gravity with the real urine. You can find it here online. It is accompanied by patented heat stimulator formula that keeps the urine at body temperature. It is seen to be very effective as it has worked for more than 90% of its clients. This synthetic urine is not detectable as it is toxin free and it can be used for all tests. It comes as a synthetic sample that is mixed with water to form the synthetic urine.

How to use synthetic urine

The synthetic sample and heat activator should not be opened before it is time to use it. Add all the synthetic sample contents in Luke warm water in the mixing container and shake it gently until the components dissolve fully in the water. This can be done up to 8 hours before the testing. If the mixture is below the body temperature use heat activator to increase its temperature to body temperature. The temperature should range between 98°F and 102°F which is shown in green on the thermometer strip. If the temperature is lower than this use the heat activator. If the temperature is not shown on the strip it means that it is below 88°F where you should carefully add 1/3 of the heat activator into the mixture, if the temperature is 88°F to 92°F add ¼ of the heat activator to the mixture. You should be very careful when using the heat activator as when used in large amount it will lead to overheating of the mixture. You should not put the mixture next to your body as it will give the false temperature reading. If the synthetic sample has not dissolved fully and it is partially in solid form just tap the viral on to a hard surface and the solid particles will break down and dissolve. In case the mixture overheats put it on the coldest surface that is available in order to lower the temperature into the recommended one.

When the solution is in the recommended condition and in the required temperature put the required amount in the specimen cup and take it for testing. This should be done carefully and responsibly as if the instructions are not followed keenly it can raise suspicion. This synthetic urine can only be used when there is little or no supervision during the drug test.

The synthetic urine is mostly used by marijuana users to pass the drug test which makes it a booming business to the suppliers. A lot of people buy it and some companies also ship the product to the other parts of the world making it a global business. Thus there is always high ordering rate of this products.

Use of Detox products

Some companies manufacture detox products which come with prerid tablets, detox fluid, and dietary fiber. This detox is made of different minerals, herbs, and vitamins which are absorbed in the body and gets rid of THC from your saliva, blood, and urine making it impossible to trace it. This can be taken any time as a dietary supplement.

Mega clean

This is the best for a supervised drug test.It is mostly used by individuals who have large bodies and those who have a higher level of toxin intake. One should take 20 0uches every two hours and it is effective for 1 to 5 hours and then it stops being active. It also comes with some pre-cleansing capsule supplements. This makes it easier to pass urine drug test and also a blood test.

Gold cleansing fluid

This is usually used by the people who take directly supervised drug test. It reduces the toxin concentration for one hour but it is effective for 5 hours. One takes 20 ouches which contain vitamins, diuretics, creatine and some fruit fiber. After taking it an individual should not take any toxic substance for 48 hours for it to be effective. This makes it easier to pass the urine drug test.

The companies that manufacture and supply synthetic urine and the detox that reduce the THC concentration in the body to undetectable level make huge profits as marijuana is illegal and testing positive to a drug test can have serious consequences or loss of a job opportunity which makes people go for an extra mile to pass the test. The synthetic urine sample is just a little amount of powder that is used ones in drug testing but it is very costly. This shows that the companies are able to make unbelievable money as the order of synthetic urine is very high. This shows that even if marijuana is illegal most people use it and find the means of passing the various drug tests. The synthetic urine has other uses other than passing the drug test and should be used with caution. The companies that make the fake urine have also increased in number as this business is a gold rush with some making urine that is below the standard which ends up to be less effective and puts the individual using it in more trouble.

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