The Best Steak Orders of A Life Time!

The Best Steak Orders of A Life Time!

Of the different grade levels of steaks, those for broiling and grilling still make the most choice. Though taste may depend on individual preferences, you won’t tamper with the uncontrollable desire and general satisfaction derived from the ‘tender’ and ‘juicy’ tenderloin, short loin and rib sections of beef. These are the top orders for any steakhouse! Well, there are still special steak cuts from these portions to serve the best for a lifetime and available at top, high-end steakhouses thus;

Ribeye steak

It is simply robust, fatty, and beefy and has the most flavors of all the steaks. The fat marbling makes it juicy. Most people would prefer it roasted in which case, it is referred to as the Prime Rib. In a real steakhouse, you can have it sliced and grilled serving as the Ribeye Chop. When you talk of the real steak aficionados, think of the Ribeye steak. Enjoy!

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The New York strips

This is another succulent, tender and buttery steak with less fat when compared to the Ribeye steak. Ridden with its special, flavor you won’t resist a chunk which is why it is sometimes known as to as the Kansas City.

The tenderloin filets

It contains just little quantity of fat marbling and as such the best choice those checking their fat intake. Also known as the filet mignon, this special steak lacks as much juicy marbling as others. Overcooking can make it very dry. Of all the steaks appears the tenderest. You can’t afford to give a break!

The T-Bone steak

Well, this is a combination of the tenderloin filet and the New York strip steak. It’s simply great taste to have the big two in one! The T-bone comes from the T-shaped bone hat partitions the New York strip portion and the filet cut.

The porterhouse steaks

This is a bigger version of the T-Bone steak cut from the upper loin section of the beef. This also has in it a bigger piece of the tenderloin filet. That’s extremely a very tasty one! In top steakhouses, you would find the porterhouse steak weighing at least 20 ounces and as much as above 40 ounces. There’s also a portion of the filet Mignon making it even more succulent and buttery.

However, following the USDA grade levels of beef, these described steak varieties make the top, that is, the prime, the choice and the select and would satisfy your palette thirst for the tastiest, juiciest and tender of steaks. That is a great meal you would like to take in some restaurants like the Rib n’ Reef.

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