The Best Hiking Trails in Snowdonia – A Guide

The Best Hiking Trails in Snowdonia – A Guide

Whether you would like to enjoy a hike just for the sheer pleasure of walking and basking in the scenery or want to challenge yourself to test your limits; there is no dearth of options in Snowdonia which exceeds even Snowdon. It is thus, no wonder that Snowdonia hotels are packed throughout the year with avid hikers. We list out a few trails that are a must-visit for the hikers.

·         High Carneddau from LlynOgwen

It is definitely a must-do walk in Snowdonia. You start this trail with a pleasant scramble to Pen yr Ole Wen along the coast of East Ridge and continues ahead to Carnedd Dafydd. It moves ahead as an airy ridge walk to Carnedd Llywelyn which is the second highest mountain in Wales. You can even continue this trail to the ‘bad step’ on Craig yrYsfa and then descend through Cwm Lygwy. You can even walk further to Pen yr Helgi Du and Pen Llithrig if you have the enthusiasm and stamina for a day-long walk.

  • Bochlwyd Horseshoe

If you have a passion for scrambles; then it can offer you the best scrambling day with four named scrambles which are amongst the best ascents offered by any mountain. The trail ascends first to Tryfan North Ridge and then descends to the South Ridge. From there, it again ascends Bristly Ridge up to Glyder Fach. You can continue further with the down-scramble of Y Gribin ridge and then continue further to Cwm Bochlwyd. You cannot desire a more perfect trail.

·         The Glyderau or Y Garn via Devil’s Kitchen

The route from to Glyderau via the Devil’s Kitchen is a route that even a novice or beginner hill goer can cover easily. There are two here for you to choose from and enjoy the sheer pleasure of walking.

There are plenty of other trails, but these are the most enjoyable.



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