The Best Cheeses To Sample When In Chamonix

The Best Cheeses To Sample When In Chamonix

When you think of France, the thought of cheese is not far behind. Chamonix is no exception and has so many excellent cheeses that can be sampled on your stay in Chamonix.

Not just reserved for a fondue, few Alpine dishes come without a generous helping of cheese. Here are the four most popular versions available in the restaurants.

Tomme de Savoie is the oldest and most popular of the Savoie cheeses. Skimmed milk is usually left over from butter production and this makes up the base for the cheese. It is, therefore, a lower fat choice. The cheese has a mild salty flavour to it. Those accustomed to the flavour can even taste the difference depending on whether it was made from cows that were fed on hay or grass!

Reblochon is the cheese most often used in the popular Alpine dish, Tartiflette. Reblochon is made from unprocessed cow’s milk and is a very soft cheese with a gentle nutty flavour. Local Thônes is the centre of production for Reblochon. This is a very old cheese and originated in the Savoie in 13th century as an early form of tax avoidance. The farmers avoided milking their cows fully while the landowner was present as they paid a tax on all their produce. After they had the inspection done, they milked the rest and turned it into cheese. This had to be done fast before the rest of the milk went off.

Beaufort is one of the most well-known Savoyard cheeses when you visit Chamonix. It is quite a hard yellow cheese with a sharp flavour. This cheese is made from full-cream milk. To make Beaufort, the milk is heated and then cast into a beechwood mold which gives cheese its distinctive concave shape. It is pressed for a full 24 hours, and then cooled for another 24 hours. Once cooled, it is soaked in salty water and then stored for two months. During this part of the process, one side of the cheese is hand-salted each morning, then turned over and massaged each afternoon. Quite a lot of work goes into producing this cheese!

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