Super Exclusive Nightclub in London for Many Rich and Famous

Super Exclusive Nightclub in London for Many Rich and Famous

If this setting of this London club is familiar, that’s do to the fact that it is the old site of the ‘Soho Revue’ club, what is inside is nothing like you will remember! The Box in London is considered one of the finest clubs in London; a burlesque club is stunning, and this is the very best place to be seen. From the outside it might seem a little cold, the large enigmatic door letting you know that this is one of the most limited Soho night clubs.

Don’t judge by the door

The one thing that is accessible about this place is the dancing. Although it might not be much from the outside, walk in and you will be transported into a surprisingly deluxe world of cabaret and burlesque fun.

Service with a smile

The waiters and bouncers greet you with a smile and once inside you will be feeling right at home. Despite its location as one of few clubs in the heart of Soho, it is not a gay bar, or a straight showroom. Rather it is a medley of sexy fun, hot club environment and astonishing of all – leaves your completely wowed.

You can enjoy the latest in music, dancers and performers who are stunning, all in a friendly and warm, upbeat environment.

Based on sister venue

This Box in London is based on its sister place which is the Box in New York, and superstars have been seen at both including Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley. Prince Harry has been seen at the Box in London. The Boxes nightclubs are some of the most exclusive yet stunning in the world. If you need to socialise with superstars plus London’s famous and rich, this is the place.

Be warned

But you must be warned, this club is one of the harder to get into especially if you are not on their guest list, you might need to use a bit of “elbow grease” to get in. And the first time you go, you might not get in no matter what you do.

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