Simple Tips on Creating a Beautiful Travel Photobook

Simple Tips on Creating a Beautiful Travel Photobook

If you love travelling, you must have a good collection of photos. Like most travellers, you upload the photos on social media sites. This time, think something out of the box. Create a pretty photobook to save those memorable images. It will be a great gift from you to yourself and believe me, you won’t have to spend much for that.

Tell A Story


Like the travel writers, you need to tell a story that will have three distinct parts – beginning, middle and end. It is up to you to decide how you will compose your story. Start with why you are making the travel photobook.

Stay Organized

Travelers often feel biased about their photos. They feel it tough to edit photos. But you need to do editing with an unbiased attitude. Once done, save the photos together in a place easy to access. The photobook-making process is full of fun if everything is ready at your hands. Focus on creating layouts and design.

Pick A Format

If it comes to paperback and hardback, there are plenty of options for your pick. Irrespective of the publishing platform, you will get different paper sizes and types. It is up to you to choose what serves your purpose.

Select Your Design Tool

Simple software made available by online photobook publishers are usually free to use. Some publishers allow you to use popular design software on their platform. You can even explore custom-made design services from some companies without paying anything.

Ask For Help

If you are not an expert, it will take some time to learn even intuitive design software. However, you can always ask for help. Most publishers introduce a help desk or forum where experienced persons are always ready to meet your queries.

Look For Ideas

Look around for some inspiring ideas that you can easily accommodate into your designs. Internet is a mine of amazing ideas. Mixbook and the likes have built-in templates. Pay attention to detailing of layouts and fonts used in the Mixbook photobooks.

Don’t Overdo

Make it a point that less is often more! There is no hard and fast rule about how many photos you should put on a single page. But stay away from overdoing as that will leave no scope for the images to breathe. Stuffing a single page with too many photos, (more than 6-8) will actually damage the look. Furthermore, arrange the photos in a way that the star images dominate the design.

Mix And Match

If you are bent on creating a travel portfolio book, showing only a single image per page is a good idea. But for a more dynamic presentation, borrow ideas from a set of 6-8 different layouts for a ‘mix and match’ composition. The real challenge is to create the presentation unique, cohesive and exciting.

Work With Some Texts

The images are the heart and soul of your travel photobook. But including some meaningful texts makes sense. Add names, date, location, caption and other important details to complete the story.

Preview And Publish

Once the photobook is ready, preview your creation and publish it online.

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