Side Manavgat Boat Trip

Side Manavgat Boat Trip

Manavgat is one of the most characteristic Anatolian towns with a variety of things to do and a lot of places of interest. From spots of impeccable natural beauty to adrenaline boosting experiences, Manavgat is definitely one of those cities that are worth to be explored. Holiday makers in Side have the unique opportunity to visit and explore Manavgat with an exciting boat trip there. This full day excursion forms the perfect getaway as it promises relaxation, tranquillity and joy all in one.

In an effort to make this excursion as enjoyable as possible, a fully air conditioned and modern car will pick you up from your hotel in Side. Pick up service takes place during the morning, on a pre-arranged time. The car will safely drive you towards Kumköy, where the boat is. During this boat trip you will be travelling with a spacious boat of 3 levels which is fully equipped in an effort to offer you moments of joy and pleasure. For the sun seekers, the boat has sunbeds where you can enjoy tanning.

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During the boat trip, you will have the chance two different spots of interest. Firstly, you will be able to observe the ancient temple of Apollo. This particular temple was constructed during the 2nd century B.C. Secondly the ancient port of Side will also be visible from the boat. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity for some great photos of this alternative sightseeing exploration.

The boat will then continue sailing towards the Delta of the Manavgat River. The spot is one of the most spectacular locations in the area. This is because at that point, the river water meets the water of the Mediterranean Sea. A swimming break will be offered there allowing participants to enjoy swimming or to relax by the sandy beach. The location is also known for hosting river turtles and big sea turtles. By the end of the swimming break, a lunch will be served aboard. Take this chance to relax on the boat and enjoy a freshly made meal that will offer you the necessary energy to continue with this exploration.

The boat will then continue sailing towards Manavgat town. There participants have two options. The first option is to proceed with a guided tour at the Manavgat Waterfall. The location is known for its unique natural beauty as the foamy and wild waters fall into an emerald lake. The serenity and the tranquillity of the waterfall will boost your enthusiasm and offer you long lasting memories. It must be noted that, entrance comes at an extra cost.

The second option is to explore the city of Manavgat by taking advantage of the free time. The city has a lot of charming streets packed with shops, restaurants and cafeterias. In addition, there is a local bazaar where you can purchase souvenirs and handcrafts, and interact with the local people in order to understand their culture and lifestyle. The bazaar visit will also be a great opportunity to exercise your bargaining skills while shopping.

When the free time finishes, you will meet at an indicated location and return to the boat. The boat trip back to Side will be the perfect time to relax under the sun and enjoy your time. Upon arrival, a modern and comfortable vehicle will be waiting there in order to transfer you back. This fascinating and relaxing full day excursion finishes during the afternoon. By the moment you arrive back to your hotel in Side, you will be full of joy and excitement. Side Manavgat Boat Trip will surely offer you some long lasting memories.

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