Planning your Bali Weight Loss Tour

Planning your Bali Weight Loss Tour

Bali Loss Weight in Ubud, Bali offers people seeking to lose weight a true retreat from their everyday lives. Through proper detoxification, exercise classes, spa treatments and rejuvenating massages you will lose weight faster than you ever thought possible.

What is included
There are a number of massages and body work to make sure your body is well rested. These services include hot stone massages, organic facials, body wrapping, lymphatic massages, ancient Balinese wellness massages, reflexology and holistic treatments.

The program will serve you delicious vegan and raw foods to help you lose weight and feel healthier. You will also attend cooking classes and learn how to recreate these recipes at home. You will also participate in sunrise walks, cultural experiences, tours around Ubud and special ceremonies as part of the holistic approach to losing weight.

Retreat and Rooms
All of these activities will take place in a luxury retreat located in Ubud, Bali. The outside of the retreat is surrounded by flowing water and birds singing in the trees. A swimming pool is also at the resort. This 4 star resort is air conditioned and has fast Wi-Fi.

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You have a choice of many different room types; from budget to private villa. To perhaps save more money, you can stay at a nearby budget hotel that has a partnership with the Bali retreat. If you choose to stay offsite, Bali Weight Loss will help you get the best price possible.

The Luxury villa includes a private swimming pool and Balinese bath tub. Some villas also include a private Jacuzzi.

The Deluxe Room is a good option for couples. It has access to two swimming pools. It also includes a hairdryer, toiletries and a big bath tub. From here you can access the swimming pools and relaxation areas.

The Superior Room is the most budget friendly on the retreat.

Programs and Prices
3 Days $725
7 Days $1,275
10 Days $1,750
14 Days $2,450
21 Days $3,350

It is okay if you cannot decide which program to pick. Contact Bali Weight Loss to discuss your goals. Using that information they will help you choose the right program.

What I should bring
Be sure to bring sunscreen. Bali is a tropical climate with a lot of sunshine. The least amount of rain occurs in July and August. Bring a hat to keep that Bali sun out of your eyes. Bring your own pair of flip flops to wear when not doing any rigorous exercises or activities. Bring light shirts and shorts for the fitness classes and other activities. Also remember to bring running shoes and/or comfortable walking shoes.

For most guests coming from other countries, you will receive a free 30 day stay after arriving at Bali, Denpasar International Airport. 169 countries, including the United States, receive a free Indonesia visa upon arrival.

It is your responsibility to take what you learned at Bali Weight Loss and keep it going at home. As with any weight loss plan, it starts and ends with you.

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