Plan your Galapagos tour within $1000

Plan your Galapagos tour within $1000

If you are a traveler and love to visit Islands and natural places then make a plan to go Galapagos which is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. The Island Galapagos is situated in Thailand where you can enjoy your holidays. People may think that it is very costly to spend holidays in Galapagos because generally these type of places require hefty money. If you also think so, then leave your tensions because here you will find the solution to visit Galapagos on a budget. The budget of the tour depends on your management. If you expend too much then you budget will increase automatically.

How to plan your budget to visit Galapagos?

If you want to visit Galapagos for 9-10 days then it is sure that you won’t be able to tour everywhere in Galapagos. So plan for a month to relax on the beaches and live like local folks to enjoy the weather. It is not important to spend money on expensive things to manage your budget, it is just about common sense. To plan your trip to Galapagos on a budget you can follow steps which are given below.

  1. Search and book the cheapest flight for Galapagos.
  2. Look for the cheapest place to stay at Galapagos Island.
  3. Try low-cost delicious food to eat
  4. Tour on the best day when you will get cheap deals.
  5. Travel from your last minute cruise to low your budget
  6. Plan your budget within $1000.

How much you need to spend on Galapagos tour?

There is preset plan to stay in Galapagos for one month in just $1000. For example, you can follow this budget plan for Galapagos Island.

Accommodation: $450 in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno ($15/night)

Food: $300 ($10/day)

Day Tours: $150 or $200 ($150 for Kicker Rock Diving Tour, $200 for Espanola Snorkelling and Hiking Tour)
Misc: $50 (medication, snorkel fee, bike rental, taxi)

It is too simple to live in Galapagos on a budget when you plan it according to the correct rule. Things to keep in mind are that your expense of flight and park entries is not included in $1000. To get your Galapagos tour within $1000 you can visit tunnels tour and kicker rock.

Visit at Galapagos Island and release all your stress and worry from your mind, keep calm and enjoy your tour in your budget. Hope these tips will help you to joy your travel.

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