Places to Include in Your Cairo Travel Itinerary

Places to Include in Your Cairo Travel Itinerary

The rich historical heritage place Egypt, Cairo is full of various fine sites. The biggest unsolved mysteries of the past are associated with this place. The city is a mix of pack of hatred and love, where modern life is not as appealing as its ancient culture and mysterious past. The amazing sculptures represent a series of magnificent archaeology and majestic pyramids.

There are several city tours which will take you to all the most famous places. You can look up online to know more about such tours so you can be a part of the right one. City tours are undoubtedly the finest way to explore the beauty and heritage of any place and Cairo is no exception to that.

Here is a list of places you can see while in Egypt –

1- Old Cairo

Old Cairo is a small cluster of churches and the walls of Old Babylon. It was the home of Roman Emperor, Trajan and was built across the Nile River. Even today, some parts of the Roman Towers preside in the street.

The Coptic Museum talks about the early Egyptian and Christian period. It’s the home to Egyptian’s wealth and includes the best collection of ancient Coptic art. Also, the Hanging Church from the 9th century displays attractive pieces of Coptic architecture. Legend has it that the church was founded in 4th and was rebuilt in the 9th century.

2- The Citadel and hanging church of Cairo

The Citadel is located at the foot of Mokattam Hills and was built in 1176 by Saladin. The original structure, however, disappeared a long ago except for the outer walls on the eastern sides. Moreover, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali is the most attractive monument to visit in the Citadel.

3- The larger-than-life Giza Pyramids

It is one thing to see pyramids on television and magazines, but it’s quite another to stand in front of one. It’s impossible to not feel awe-struck by the indescribable beauty of these historic wonders. Your Cairo trip will simply never be complete until you have admired the beauty of Giza Pyramids.

4. Al-Azhar Mosque

Located in the city’s heart, this is an architectural marvel which continues to attract travelers year round. Built in AD 972, Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the biggest landmarks of the city and definitely worth your time. It’s more than just a mosque. It also serves as a University and a downtown city centre. It’s not uncommon for visitors to come here and pray as a way to escape the hustle of outer life and get some respite.

5- Wadi Degla

Apart from the selected places, one may visit the Wadi Degla city that never closes its eyes. It is not far away from the main junction of Egypt. There are two ways to reach out the Wadi Degla. Take the more suited one!

After a fulfilling travel experience, you can come back to your hotel room in the evening and relax on the beautiful RV patio mats to recharge and get ready for another adventuresome day.

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