Northern Lights and the best place to see them!

Northern Lights and the best place to see them!

The Northern Lights could be explained as a sequence of bright dancing lights that can be seen commonly in the magnetic poles (polar areas in common terms) in the northern hemisphere as well as surrounding areas. These happen primarily because particles originate from Sun and enter Earth’s atmosphere where they are electrically charged and then collide with each other. In the northern hemisphere these illuminations are recognized as Aurora Borealis & in the southern hemisphere, they are commonly called to as Aurora Australis. The thing about these displays is that they can be seen in a wide range of colors. The commonest colors, in this case, are pink and pale green.

What is the best place to see them?

The best way to see Northern Lights is a wilderness cottage in the middle of nowhere! Just make sure you know how to light a campfire. There is no doubt that out there in the lap of nature you would be able to enjoy the true beauty of nature. When you stay at a wilderness cottage the fun only becomes that much better and this, in turn, enriches the experience as well. The location of these wilderness cottages is such that apart from catching these natural wonders in their fullest glory there is plenty of other activities that you can take part in.

Some such activities may be mentioned as below:

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • skiing
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • berry picking

In short, there are various wilderness based activities that you would be able to do over here. The Northern Lapland area of Finland is one place where you are likely to come across most of these cottages. The major reason for such a fact is that you get most of the wilderness in this country over here only. However, there are also some areas in southern Finland where you are likely to get cottages that happen to be equipped modestly.

Before you start one of these trips as such it is very important that you get properly acquainted with the equipments that are normally used in these cottages. You should also have a decent idea of the stuff that you might wish to take with you on trips such as these. At the time when you are packing your luggage, it is also very important to note if the wilderness cabin, where you are staying, has electricity or not. Does it have running water?

These things can have an effect on some of your important activities such as washing and cooking. You need to decide if you wish to take any of the following with you when you embark on such a trip:

  • flashlight
  • matches
  • candles
  • toilet paper
  • enough drinking water

In most of the cases, the cabins being talked about over here happen to be minimally equipped or modestly at best. This is also perhaps one major reason why they provide you a holiday that is calm and relaxing in the actual sense of the terms.



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