Nautique boat – Perfect blend of style & technology

Nautique boat – Perfect blend of style & technology

Established in 1925, Nautique Boats has earned its fame by producing high-quality wake and ski sports boats for selling and associated with renowned, world-class customer service. These specially designed boats with their specially designed hull and ballast systems enhance the rider for wake surfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing, offering the entire family the opportunity to enjoy the water sports together.

One reason to buy a Nautique boat in Hong Kong, it has been awarded the prestigious Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for five consecutive years and has been producing the best wake surfing boats, wakeboard, and ski boats for the last 90 years to satisfy all water sports enthusiasts. Ranging from 20 to 25 feet, Asia Yachting displays the Nautique series, including the famous Super Air series, which is quite popular for its comfort and performance.

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Nautique GS22

The GS22 Super Air Nautique extends the idea of ​​uncompromising versatility in a new series of adventures. Embark on an exciting journey of unending possibilities at twenty-two feet, tailor-made for just about anything. The dream of merging together G-Series and Ski Nautique is a fact that’s ready to experience because you’ll never believe that you can have it all. The new Super Air Nautique GS22 is a step forward in multi-sport category of boats. The new GS Series combines the features of our award-winning G-Series and Nautique skis that break records, making it intellectual to buy a Nautique boat. The ability to move from a ski boat to a sailboat to a surfboat has been possible through advanced technology and progressive engineering specifically designed for exceptionally good activity.

Nautique G25

The indescribable feeling of all the days in the boat drives us into the water whenever we have the opportunity. A new excitement is shared by every person who has the G-Series, and in those moments a perfectly new bond is created. The Super Air Nautique G25 is big enough to handle large volumes of water and the largest crew. It is suitable for you and your family and group of friends who share the dream of water boats and never lose their chances of experiencing one.

Nautique G23

For boat lovers willing to buy a Nautique boat at Hong Kong, the Super Air Nautique G23 is more than just a boat. His wakes have flooded the dreams of each and every rider across the world as a gateway to the new excitement and brought our sport into a new decade of innovation. When we launched the G series, we knew everything would change, but we never thought it would come this far.

For 2016, the Super Air Nautique G23 offers more power in all categories, from the brand new helmet design to the new engine options, to the most advanced technologies, all available at the press of a button. The original G23 has redefined the progress of wake surfing and wakeboarding, and this latest generation shall develop new opportunities in the water. Feel the difference behind the wheel and behind the boat, because all these innovations are combined to change everything you know about boats. This G23 is the official towboat of the World Wakeboard Championships.

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