Michael Chammout Ready For Big Boat Series

Michael Chammout Ready For Big Boat Series

Many years ago, Angel Island experienced a hike, which sparked interest by Michael Chammout in San Francisco’s premier sailing event, the Rolex Big Boat Series. Chammout looked down and noticed several boats parked on the Bay and so wanted to be a part of it instantly. He found the sight way too beautiful as he got a chance to see boats with different starts.

However, things did not turn up as per his plans post submission of his entry in the 2017 edition. Before two days of the competition, the race officers denied the entry of Chammout as the 34 foot length of the boat was not fitting in a division as per the Notice of Race (NOR).

Chammout was all set to go and his crews were off from their respective jobs just to be a part of the 4 day event. The race officers had already placed the sticker of Rolex on Chammout’s boat. However, the club was good and allowed the entire team to be a part of all the events.

The Beneteau 10R Mulan, which belongs to Chammout has a minimum length of 35 feet and would be racing this year. The NOR has been altered this year, so to make his boat eligible for the race. This has given room to vessels of similar size to participate in the division. The outcome is that Chammout is well prepared this year compared to last year. The crew shirts have also been made yet again and he is busy getting his boat ready for a 4 day campaign.

The preparation of the boat has been completed and it includes a whole lot of small things which is important to ensure that the boat performs its best. Chammout has done his own rigging, placed a new job sheet and redone the actual sheet system using a micro tune. As a result, the boat will now be accustomed to tackle heavier offshore.

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