Melbourne – Sydney! My TOP10 for a Great Road Trip

Melbourne – Sydney! My TOP10 for a Great Road Trip

Traveling from one city to another can get boring. Being unaware of places to see while on the road does not help matters. Moreover, to make matters worse, traveling can get hectic particularly when you have a long distance to cover. Driving from Melbourne to Sydney, two of Australia’s most popular and happening cities, is tiresome. However, that’s nothing that a good trip itinerary can’t fix. Therefore, in order to ensure that your road trip Australia journey is entertaining, we have prepared a list of places for you to see. After all, traveling should be fun!


Voted as one of the most livable cities to reside in, Melbourne is a favorite amongst both locals and foreigners. What’s not to like? Melbourne has everything. Entertainment, culture, history, restaurants, campervan hires, you name it and Melbourne has it. It is one of the busiest and most lively places in all of Australia. Therefore, it is a great starting point for your epic journey.

The Great Ocean Road

Driving along the coast, the road is host to plenty of scenic views that you would not want to miss out on. Visit the Bay of Islands, unwind at the LorchArd beach, photograph the Apollo Waterfalls or just play with the Koalas that come along, the Great Ocean Road has plenty to offer. Interesting fact: the road is the world’s largest war memorial.

Blue Pool, Bermagui

This crystal clear pool that provides a jaw-dropping view of the sea, is a massive hit with locals and tourists. Not only is it the perfect place to get some much-needed relaxation and recreation, but the pool is also safe from all sorts of sea creatures.

Wilson’s Promontory

Once considered the point where the earth ended, Wilson’s Promontory is again a top pick. The national park offers fantastic views of the Bass Strait from the Promontory Light Station. In addition, the park is a favorite amongst hikers and travelers because its granite mountains make for a great hiking trail and its sandy beaches provide the perfect place to relax.

Blue Mountains

This scenic valley is a dream come true for all the adrenaline junkies and wildlife lovers. The valley is filled with dense rainforests but it offers a lot of activities to choose from. From canyoning to abseiling to taking in the breathtaking views of the Rappel Waterfalls, Blue Mountains are definitely worth stopping at.


It is no surprise that the capital of New South Wales is one of the most popular cities to visit in the world. Whether you’re looking for some fun adventure or want to enjoy the culture or just grab a bite to eat, Sydney has everything. Visit the Sydney Opera House, take in the views of the city from the Sky Walk or head to Bondi Beach- Sydney does not disappoint.

Whether you’re thinking of travelling from Melbourne to Sydney, or vice versa, hiring a motorhome is a sure fire way to travel in comfort!

So grab those suitcases and prepare a mixed CD for the long drive!With our itinerary, this will be one of the best road trip Australiaexperience that you will ever have.


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