Maldives Is an Amazing Country to Spend Honeymoon

Maldives Is an Amazing Country to Spend Honeymoon

In what kind of place do you want to spend your honeymoon? For many a beautiful landscape is a must. Others love ocean and beaches. Maldives is an Indian Ocean island nation with 350,000 in its population. A country that is so tiny is world famous for its stunning beaches and scuba diving. Over a million tourists from all corners of the globe visit Maldives every year and many of them go there to spend honeymoon. During the honeymoon they fall for the beautiful beaches, tropical vegetation and turquoise lagoons which make them come back a second time. Once the tourist starts scuba diving it becomes an addiction and every year you have to visit the Maldives. There are over 1200 islands and about 4000 reefs. No single person has ever seen all the reefs in Maldives. How long do you think it will take to cover 4000 reefs?

Now you may be wondering where is Maldives on the world map and which are the closest countries.  Maldives islands are located on the west of Sri Lanka and South East of India. Do not get confused, if you see a map the country often looks like tiny dots. That’s because the islands are so tiny. In fact, many world maps do not show Maldives at all, let alone seeing some dots.

Maldives is in South Asia, next to Sri Lanka and India. The country is not connected any other country by land. In fact the 1200 islands in the Maldives are all separate from each other. You will need a sea transportation to travel from island to island. Seaplane is the most popular among tourists, to visit travel from airport. Speedboats transfers are much cheaper but it cannot travel too far. If it takes a few hours there may be speedboat transfer and costs much less compared to seaplane. There are about 8 domestic airports; domestic flights are cheaper than seaplanes.

There are 26 natural atolls in the Maldives. Atoll means a group of islands, a group of atolls is called Archipelago and Maldives is one of that. The island country is sunny all year round and Europeans find it the perfect place to escape freezing winter months. Summer in Europe is low season in Maldives and Asia tourists take advantage of the cheaper prices. Europe is the main tourist market for Maldives. Among the Asians the Chinese occupy the top and Japan comes second. There are also several East Asian tourists visiting Maldives every year.

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