“Leaving everything behind” syndrome after holidays

“Leaving everything behind” syndrome after holidays

September is known as the month where we come back to our routine; except for those lucky ones who don’t have specific obligations (children that we have to take to the school, jobs where is impossible to have some holidays once the activity is back again after summer) and have the privilege of going on holidaysduring these months.

September also means the famous “leaving everything behind” syndrome, after realising what an amazing life we could live with a another lifestyle different of the one we have, with the routine of waking up early to work, restricting our free time and going to bed thinking about the next day obligations waiting for us next day in the office. In other words, changing from “live to work” to “work to live”.

After enjoying a luxury package holidays, the return can be so painful that we can’t avoid falling into this syndrome and accept it In our life; always in the case we’re one of the lucky ones that, having into account the current economy situation, have the obligation of coming back to our job after that wonderful disconnection time.

All these symptoms that we feel year after year are necessary to recosinder our truly desired routine. Many people really need routines in their lifes and during summer they disconnect because a brake it’s needed, but they quickly come back to get some order in their busy life.

Having some obligations that make us feel useful and productive, making the most of our free time with some activity after work, sports, hobbies or something we enjoy and let our mind flying to those corners discovered during our holidays; some alimentation rules to keep ourselves fit; even reserving some time in our busy diary to go for some beers with our friends; these are the things that make us happy. But this balance between work and free time sometimes is broken by disappointment and lack of motivation in work, that comes together with the feeling of wasting time, placing after the enjoyment we long for.

That’s why sometimes we would like to leave everything behind, having the courage to renounce to this saving routine and going in search of new adventures, less organized and carefree ways of life; in other words, living without ties.

This way, the recommendatin should be: leave it all behind, life is too short to depend on a non-stimulating job, being aware of all the good things we only enjoy little by little when we travel with no other obligation that enjoying life.


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