Kayaks can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Kayaks can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Standard Recreational Sit Inside Kayak –With an enclosed cockpit that has a fairly large opening making it easier to get in and out of the boat, these kayaks are also large enough to take your kid along with you. They are mostly 10 feet long and shorter than touring kayaks. Because of the spray skirt option that keeps the water out, it can be best enjoyed during summers and winters both. They are portable, can be easily stored, easy-to-use, stable and fun to ride. It’s better to avoid this one if you are checking out kayak options for big expeditions

Sit-On-Top – This is another type of a recreational kayak. You will not have any hassles getting into or out of this kayak, since the cockpit is open. They are the most user-friendly option in kayaks. These kayaks offer good stability and ideal for beginners, kids and swimmers and offer a good stability. They are much wider compared to other kayaks and have elevated seats too. You can expect a wet ride however it comes with a self-bailing feature which allows the water to drain through them. You can also slip on and off them as you please. They are great for your summer adventures.   

Whitewater Kayaks – Best suited for kayakers with varied abilities in paddling and who love exploring brawling river. This requires special skills and expertise. They are much shorter and compact compared to touring kayaks and are mainly designed for creeks, rivers, rapids, playboating and surfing

Touring Style & Sea Kayak – If you love paddling through the open sea then this type of kayak is a best kayak option for you as it is longer, narrower and a lot faster. You may want to consider these kayak if you take paddling seriously and intend to ride through over long period of time. These are a lot longer which helps to track (go straight) very well. However the only disadvantage is these kayaks do not have a sealed bow which can easily allow the water to seep in. Hence it’s recommended to paddle with touring kayak on safe water bodies. Touring Kayaks are further classified into day touring kayaks and sea kayaks. Sea kayaks are   

Hybrid Fishing Kayaks – These are suitable for fishing activities over short distance on steady water and favorable weather. Hybrid Kayaks are most often used in slow moving river, ponds and small lakes. These allow you to be seated more comfortably and make your fishing experience more enjoyable

Inflatable, Folding and Modular Kayaks – A perfect option if portability and easy transport is what you are looking for in your kayak. They are designed for recreational paddling on calm water bodies. You will not be surprised by its unique features over other hard-shell kayaks. They are quite sturdy and versatile.

Hope you find these details helpful and wait no more for a seaworthy kayak to give you the best kayaking experience.

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