How to plan a mind blowing kayaking trip

How to plan a mind blowing kayaking trip

Rowing yourself down a river in a canoe or kayak is indeed a great adventure. If you like you can take the help from guides like Seashore Eco Tours but if you want to go all alone you might need to think a little more about it. In case you haven’t done this before you will have to do some prep work before embarking on the trip.

Question yourself

Ask yourself whether you really have experience in rowing, do you know to swim well if you fall to water?  If your answer to both these questions are a big NO then try to learn to swim first then when you are ready get a guide to help you learn the rowing stuff, if you can’t wait so much longer try to gather some friends to go with you who knows to row and to swim.

Pick a danger free location

Do not pick the rivers or dangerous waters which have so many rapids as well as dangerous animals living in them. Although such an adventure will be full of excitement you might get into serious trouble. And specially stay out of rivers that have Piranha fish and alligators in it.

Buy a kayak or a canoe

Shop around and find a boat that’s a good fit for you, then practice rowing it in your nearby lake if you have one so you’ll be ready. Don’t buy the costliest one or the cheapest one, buy the one which has all the features that you require.

Pack the right stuff

Get a floating jacket, a knife, a GPS system if you can and also don’t forget to get a camera. In addition to this it would be really wise if you can pack few of the small high energy naval food tins just in case that you get lost; because one bite from these will keep you alive even if you don’t get to eat or drink for 3 days. Since they are so small you can fit few in your pocket.  Once you are ready pick a date and go get rowing.


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