How To Go Exclusive With A Private Jet Rental

How To Go Exclusive With A Private Jet Rental

Private jet rental is a convenient source of travel for families and management teams who want to strengthen their family bonds and business relationships in a city they’re headed to.

It costs less than owning a private jet because you can share the costs with other private jet renters. It’s definitely a great option for groups traveling less than 23 hours in a year and wanting the best catering services on board, plus more legroom, baggage space and comfort while sitting for hours on an aircraft.

Here’s how you can maximize your private jet rental as a group and save more:

Sign Up for a Jet Card Membership

Jet cards are all the rage this season because many find it a cost-effective way to travel with a group. It allows an individual to take advantage of private jet rental at their preferred schedules. You can contact a private jet provider to sign up for a jet card membership. They can load it with cash like a prepaid card, depending on the terms of the jet card provider, and you can use it to fly for urgent trips without bringing huge amounts of cash in your pocket. Benefits also include rebates every time you swipe the card for travel. Members also have the option of withdrawing the amount in the card within the year when it’s not used anymore.

Pick a Recommended Private Aircraft

Once you’ve called a private jet provider for private jet rental, then you have can select an aircraft of your choice as recommended by the provider. This advantage will allow you to select an aircraft based on seating capacity, so it can accommodate different sizes for your group travel. The private aircraft recommendations are based on factors like your destination, duration of your trip and the kind of membership you’ve signed up for.

Jet Categories To Choose From

Private jets for rent that your jet provider might recommend have several categories, including:

Lighter Jets

The lighter jet categories are usually for smaller airports which can hold up to 6 passengers and reach a range of 1,000 miles; a great option for small families on a luxury travel.

Light Jets

Compared to the lighter ones, light jets can accommodate a more comfortable seating capacity of 6 passengers and can fly from 2-3 ½ hours at 1,500 miles. This is great for interstate trips at less travel time.

Midsize Jets

The Cessna Citation XLS and Embraer legacy 450 are great examples of midsize jets that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. This is a recommended option for long-range flights of about 5 hours with a cruise speed of 430-480 per hour.

Super Midsize Jets

For more speed, productivity and luxury, the super-midsize business jets like the Gulfstream G250 and Dassault Falcon 2000S can accommodate up to 10 passengers and can travel across continents at cruise speeds of 490-590 miles per hour.

Ready to fly exclusively via private jet rental? Know the benefits that will work for your group travel by checking the best jet providers in your state.

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