How to Design Attractive and Unique Wedding Cards?

How to Design Attractive and Unique Wedding Cards?

The air of celebration is all around us. If you open any social media like Facebook or Instagram, all you will find are wedding pictures. Because the wedding season is going on, and the bells of joy, fun and extreme cheer are ringing everywhere.

As wedding is one of the most memorable days of your lives, it should obviously be the most special day for everyone. All the members of the family including both the bride as well as the groom leave no stone unturned in making their wedding flawless and organizing an event such that the memories remain etched in their hearts and minds forever.

The first and foremost task in the wedding after both the bride and groom are ready is the invitation cards for the big day. These invitation cards are extremely important because you have heard the saying that the first impression is the last impression. So, in order to create a great impact of your wedding on your relatives and all those whom you invite to the wedding, you need to plan for an invitation card that is attractive as well as unique when compared to the wide variety of designs that are available for Hindu wedding cards online. The prettier your card is, the more excited people will be for attending your wedding and they will look forward to it.

Here are some great ideas for Indian traditional wedding invitations:

  1. Pop-Up Wedding Card: This is something that is extremely creative and in big contrast to the conventional wedding cards. It is very cheap and you do not have to spend a lot of money on this type of wedding card.
  2. Handmade Paper: Another approach that can be used is to make use of handmade papers instead of normal paper and sheets. The handmade papers have a very thick texture and have designs and patterns superimposed on them.
  3. Roller Wedding Cards: If you wish to add a hint of royalty to your wedding, then you must choose roller wedding cards. It gives a royal feel as you open up the roller and start reading the scroll that has the invitation.
  4. A Sweet Box: As you know, sweets are the national food of India when it comes to celebrations. And what better occasion to greet sweets than an invitation for the wedding. So, you can design your card in the form of a box that contains sweets and also has a message for the wedding invitation. You can also make use of small pots that are decorated to contain the sweets and a small casket that has the wedding invitation.
  5. A Wedding Card with a Theme: This is among the most popular trends that have been seen in the Indian traditional wedding invitations lately. While some choose a theme that is reflected in your wedding as well, you can just design a wedding invitation with a theme. You can choose a theme related to a deity like Radha Krishna, or something related to nature like a floral theme or a theme with a peacock. You can also depict pictures and paintings of the bride and groom.
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