How to choose the best Yacht service during your expensive holidays?

How to choose the best Yacht service during your expensive holidays?

Many times, who has to do a few days sailing on a sailboat for the first time, cannot properly assess what awaits him on board. It thus happens to these inexperienced sailors to have to deal with a not completely positive experience, only because of the incomplete information received before starting the adventure.

To this end, you will read some suggestions to these sea apprentices, to ensure that your first time leaves an indelible and positive memory with Charter yacht in Dubai.

What to put in a bag

The ideal to face a sailing holiday is the sporty and comfortable clothing that allows you to stay at ease at any time of the day. In summer, a costume, shorts and a t-shirt are all you need to tackle a beautiful day on the beach.  But let’s not forget wax, sweater and trousers better than technical and waterproof fabrics.

Do not be fooled by the summer: in the boat in the evening it can be cool and wet so you do not leave home a nice sweatshirt (or a light fleece), comfortable sweatpants and a waterproof jacket also light to protect from the wind. In case of bad weather or slightly cooler temperatures, it is also advisable to use a k-way, a wool cap and a scarf to protect your neck and throat.

Also remember that during navigation and when maneuvering it is a good rule to always wear a pair of shoes. This little trick will prevent you from slipping and will save your feet. It is always a good idea to have two pairs of shoes in order to keep a pair exclusively for the boat.  To protect themselves from the sun, a hat, dark-lens sunglasses and a good sunscreen are essential.

The roles on board

The charm of life on the boat, the feeling of freedom and the scent of adventure should not make you forget that on board you have to arrange things in an orderly manner and that is the commander to dictate the rules. And the first rule is that the commander is one and the others of the crew must make themselves available to assign the tasks.

The roles on board are carried out according to the experience of the sea, although a great way to feel part of a group that will work to be compact and supportive is to establish from the beginning shifts to perform all tasks, from the most trivial – how to shop, cook, tidy up – the more complicated ones – how to fix the equipment, track the route, etc. These things are important if you think to hire and set your holidays with Dubai Marina yachts.

The ideal recipe in the kitchen

Here is one of the places of the boat where the shifts create the group. Collaborating and sharing tasks is the best way to speed up meal preparation and crew aggregation. It is good to choose one main dish less porridge gets dirty and less water is consumed – and combines it with some cold antipasto easy to prepare in any condition.

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