Here are some CBD products that can help ease your travel stress

Here are some CBD products that can help ease your travel stress

It is definitely agitating when things fail to go your way, especially in a carefully planned travel vacation. It seems hard to let the mishap slip from your head without sulking for a while in despair.

But we all know that such events are common. And if you’re a traveler, you should be wise to pack yourself with stress relieving tools and products. This is why there has been an emerging preference to have a cannabidiol (CBD) product as a companion during travel.

CBD is one of the many substances found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD, which is mostly sourced from the industrial hemp variety, is devoid of any psychoactive property that is found in the THC, the compound most common in the marijuana type. As such, the use of products that are infused with hemp-derived CBD is legal under federal law.

However, just because some products are labeled to have CBD in their products doesn’t mean their claims are true. Poorly extracted CBD may contain even more psychoactive compounds or traces of THC. Should this be the case, authorities may hold you liable for breaching federal laws and put you behind bars—far from the destination you planned to go to.

This calls for travelers to scrutinize their CBD product before taking it with them in the airport. By now, you should know what brands are reliable and can live up to their claims like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). The company is recognized as a leader in CBD revolution with its intensive extraction processes while also anticipated as an emerging firm in the cryptocurrency market. The firm recently put up a new subsidiary, Blockchain Crypto Technology Corporation, which has purchased 115 rig machines that can effectively mine bitcoins and handle future transactions with cannabis customers.

The Florida-based company can help travelers have a stress-free flight with its wide selection of products. Here are some of them:

CBD oil

In an interview with Condé Nast Traveller, Kerrilynn Pamer, co-founder of beauty and wellness store CAP Beauty, said she brings CBD oil—which she and a founding partner Cindy DiPrima Morisse made—with her when traveling at least once a month from New York to Los Angeles.

PotNetwork can help travelers with its high-quality oil selections through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc.

Just recently, Diamond CBD rolled out a new product line under the brand name Full Spectrum. Among the new products is Hemp Seed Oilwhich is rich in nutritional content, specifically omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

The other oil product it launched as part of the Full Spectrum line is the MCT Oil or the Medium Chain Triglyceride. These are fats that are quickly and easily absorbed by the body, a mechanism that can boost energy.

But if you opt to have your CBD oil with some flavor, you can also choose among Diamond CBD’s various flavors such as candy apple, cherry and butterscotch, among others.

CBD Edibles

Diamond CBD also offers several treats you can munch on while waiting to board at the airport. This wide selection varies from gummies to cake pops. Diamond CBD’s gummy edibles come in different types such as gummy worms, sea creature gummies and gummy bears, among others. Each type has different CBD content levels you can choose from.

Meanwhile, Diamond CBD’s cake pops come in different colors and contain 30 milligrams of CBD. There’s also CBD Infused Honey Sticks, which come in a pack of five or 100 sticks. Each stick contains 10 milligrams of pure natural organic hemp-derived CBD.

CBD Cream

One of the most common mishaps when traveling is a delayed flight. Some tend to have muscle pains during the waiting period, especially when airports do not have facilities that give passengers utmost comfort while waiting.

A solution to this is a pain cream. CBD is known to alleviate muscle and joint pains more effectively than any creams in the market. Diamond CBD’s Biotech CBD Cream has a strong quality CBD. So even at the minimum level, it can relieve your sore muscles.

The next time you fly across the country, don’t forget to put these CBD products on your checklist. These are easy to pack and use, and can help you handle even a series of unfortunate events that may come your way during your travel.

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