Your honeymoon is probably going to be your most important holiday as a couple. However, after the stress involved with planning a wedding, deciding on a honeymoon destination can seem overwhelming and tiring. Nowadays, to avoid the hassle of searching for the perfect honeymoon destination, some people prefer to have their wedding and honeymoon at the same luxury destination.

Their numerous benefits to such an arrangement, the most important one being convenience, as well as celebrating your love surrounded by luxury and beautiful, natural landscapes. As a result, luxury resorts all over the world have become popular destinations for combined weddings and honeymoons.

The following are some of the ways that you can ensure that you enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest while you are at a luxury resort.

  1. Book early and book directly

Early birds usually get the best honeymoon rates at these luxury resorts. As such, you need to have made the booking even months before your wedding. During the early planning stages of your wedding, be sure to incorporate honeymoon destination shopping. This will ensure that you find the best resort and book it as early as possible.

If you leave the booking for later, you might have to pay more or miss out on your preferred resort altogether.

You should also book directly with the resort in order to realize numerous benefits. Resorts such as Bali Honeymoon Resorts offer numerous benefits to couples that book directly. These benefits include guaranteed best rates, complimentary Wi-Fi and room upgrades amongst other benefits.

The wedding plus honeymoon package is a common offering in many luxury resorts. If you can, be  sure to take advantage of such an offer in order to cut down on costs and make the entire experience memorable.

  1. Inform management of special requests

When booking a luxury resort to your honeymoon, you need to inform them of any special requests that you might have. These special requests include amendments to the room that you might need done or special food that you want to be made for you throughout your stay at the resort.

It is probably best to inform the management of any dietary restrictions or allergies you might have in advance.

Letting the resort know of any special needs and requests beforehand will give them ample time to prepare accordingly. This will guarantee a pleasant stay for you and your loved one at the resort.

  1. Research the culture

Your honeymoon can also be an enriching learning experience. Luxury resorts are usually in remote locations, and it is important that you research on the culture of the people that reside there. Research can include reading web articles about the natives of the area, sampling some of their foods in restaurants near you, or speaking to people who have been to the location before in order to understand the culture better.

Researching on and understanding the culture ensures that you avoid any instances where you disrespect the natives’ culture while you are at the resort. It also ensures that you interact comfortably with the locals that you will find at the resort and as you tour the area.

  1. Be prepared for hidden costs

Both weddings and honeymoons are expensive affairs, and the last thing you need is to be caught off-guard by a cost you had not anticipated. Visas, airport transfers, and luggage fees can be quite costly, and it is prudent to factor these and other costs in when you are preparing your wedding/honeymoon budget. When booking the resort, inquire if they provide transport to and from the airport, and whether this provision is a part of the package that you select.

With these few tips in mind, you are definitely going to enjoy your honeymoon at the luxury resort of your choice.

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