Have You Tried These Types of Gin?

Have You Tried These Types of Gin?

Are you a gin lover? Then the UK is the place to be. Though gin did not originate in the UK, the two have been associated together going back four centuries. From the original flavor to the new variations created today,, gin will forever be a classic.

There are so many different and exciting flavours of gin on the market today, one wonders where to begin. The UK is home to quite a few gin distilleries, flavors, and tours.

The UK Gin Flavour Guide names Tarquin’s Gin, located in the South West, as the #1 flavor in the UK. The credit to this gin’s unique flavour goes to the Devon violet. It also contains Orange blossom and coriander, all of which contribute to this distillery’s unique favorite. It’s great paired with a lime or thyme. If you can’t make it to the UK any time soon, online boutiques are only a few clicks away. Gin has become so favorable that they hit record sales numbers last year.

Gin has been around for years and each one has its own identity and distinctive taste.

The UK offers 16 different distilleries all with their own unique flavour. The UK Gin Flavour Guide is a great template to follow if you are ever in the country.

For gin lovers, the UK is the place to be. Take a vacation, take a tour, and drink and be merry!!!

Infographic Source: Sykes Cottages, https://www.sykescottages.co.uk/blog/a-gin-lovers-guide-to-the-uk/

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