How do you distinguish between a luxury hotel from the other types of hotels that you come across? This is usually a question that many people ask themselves when looking for the most ideal hotel to stay at. Luxury hotels are usually the preferred choice for individuals looking for a luxury getaway, including honeymooners, newly engaged couples, and couples looking to ignite or celebrate their romance.

If you are in this category, or are just looking for a place to go for exquisite pampering, then you need to know how to identify a genuine luxury hotel. This is because there are several hotels that refer to themselves as luxury hotels but have not yet attained the required luxury standards.

The following are some of the things you should look out for when trying to determine if a hotel is indeed of the luxury category.

  1. High Quality

The main characteristic of a luxury hotel is high quality of everything including the experience. At a luxury hotel, you can expect the decor and aesthetics to be beyond exquisite. You can also expect the latest technology in hospitality being used in the hotel in order to make your stay more comfortable.

Other things to look forward to when visiting a luxury hotel are the most delicious, five star rated food on the planet cooked by some of the biggest names in the global culinary industry.

The rooms are also luxurious, as well as the other facilities used by the guests.

  1. Booking should be simple

Luxury hotels worth their salt go out of their way to ensure that the booking procedure for guests is as simple as possible. The booking process should be simple regardless of whether the client is booking directly with the hotel, or through accredited third parties.

In addition, guests should also be assured of receiving all of the help they require when making a reservation at the luxury establishment.

  1. Quick and discreet check-in and check-off

A luxury hotel should not have check-in and check-out lines. When arriving at the hotel, the luxury traveller expects a smooth check-in without being forced to spend a long stretch of time being processed. Industry standards dictate that it should only take ten minutes for the staff of a luxury hotel to check in and check out the guests.

On check out, the luxury hotel should offer its guests express or video check-out in order to save the customer’s time. If there are any issues with your bill, these should be sorted out quickly by the hotel at no major inconvenience to you as the customer.

  1. You choose your preferred room

At a luxury hotel, you should always get the room that you prefer. An authentic luxury hotel will take your specific room requests into consideration when assigning a room to you. The staff at the hotel are supposed to ensure that the room you get has the exact features that you had requested when making the reservation.

For instance, customers can specify whether they want a pet-friendly room, one that is allergen-free, or one that is near or far from the lobby. If you have mobility issues, you can also request for a room with enhanced mobility. You can also choose the level or category of the room that is most suitable for your needs.

The customer is king in such establishments, and your room requirements need to be met as best as possible by the hotel management.

You can tell that the prestigious Luxury hotel Jakarta is an authentic luxury hotel because it meets all of the standards mentioned above. If you are looking for the perfect getaway, and some exquisite pampering, this is the hotel of YOUR dreams.

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