Gourmet Restaurants in Herzliya, Israel

Gourmet Restaurants in Herzliya, Israel

For those of you who visit Israel and probably focused on the larger Tel Aviv area, you need to know that there is a city laying five to ten minutes north with some of Israel’s best (and kosher) gourmet restaurants. Most of them are less than five minutes from the seashore (and the hotels area) or even placed within the marina itself.

Here is a list of some of the top Herzliya has to offer:

Bistro 56

Bistro 56 is placed in the mall Arena in the Hertzelyah oceanic and near the herzliya luxury hotels. A veteran foodie restaurant, it experts in seasonal dishes, and getting the top out of every item they dish up. Should the weather permit, I advise to leave and dine on the balcony enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Bistro provides diverse appetizers and the famous dishes are prepared on the grill. If you are searching something seasonal then select for one of the everyday specials.

Vino Socca

Vino Socca is a gourmet restaurant in a place that you would not even dream about. In the center of noisy industrial center, you will get a peaceful and intimate and best experience. Vino Socca can set hundred guests, but you would not feel it at all. The classy decor and stone takes away from the detail, everything is noisy and moving quick. The menu consists of some creative and different dishes that gather French finesse with an Israel finish.

Meat and Wine Co

Meat and wine co is a part of a global chain of restaurants that specialize in gathering meat and wine pairing. Providing some of the top cuts of meat and beef Israel has to provide, Meat and Wine will prepare it to flawlessness. With a fun vide and simple decor, any carnivore will be relaxed with what the menu has to provide. Top premium cuts and one of the only restaurants to provide true veal and ribs.


Minato is a top end gourmet Japanese restaurant placed right behind Meat and Wine Co. if you are looking for one of the best sushi locations in Israel, Minato is actually in the top five. Minot’s primary place was built in a gas station exterior of Caesarea and become a quick success. At the bar, you can taste a drink dish up with little dishes meat to balance the drinks served. At Minato they truly pleasure themselves by serving real Japanese cuisine. A must try if you are in the place who want to have a true culinary journey to the Far East.

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