Famous Bands Don’t Always Come from the Basement

Famous Bands Don’t Always Come from the Basement

Think of your favorite song; now think of the band who plays it. Where do you see them playing at? When it comes to music we often think of our favorite band beginning their journey with our thought to “I bet they started off in the basement/garage.” Wouldn’t you be surprised if that wasn’t where your favorite band started their musical career? Included below are some fun facts about where some famous bands started out.


Known for being a famous English rock band, this group found it’s beginning in a diverse way. Each member was originally in individual bands and soon made their way to the group known as Muse. Would you believe that the band started out with a different name completely? When the group met they were introduced over a pint, and eventually began a friendship that would develop over time.


When people think of Queen their first thought goes to Freddie Mercury. Contrary to belief, the story starts with guitarist Brian May and Tim Staffell. The band was not at first called Queen either but instead a group named Smile. It wasn’t until later on when Tim left that Freddie Mercury joined the group. Imagine, had Freddie Mercury not come along, the world wouldn’t have such hit as “We Are The Champions” and “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

John Legend

While the world loves a good old fashioned soul, some people are born with natural talent. John Legend truly can be considered a legend. He first made a debut in an album via 1997 called housekeeping. Much like John Legend; Tommy James and the Shondellsstarted at home. At the age of 12, Tommy started his band and he brought famous hits such as “Mony-Mony” and “Hanky Panky.” Another well known group that started at home was the group “The Runaways.” The Runaways were a group of girls who wanted to sing and bring their view on the world into the music. This band also had a dramatic visualization of their beginning via Sony Pictures.

With so many bands throughout time, it’s hard to think that not all bands start in a basement or garage. It’s amazing to hear their stories. Check out HomesToGo for even more exciting facts on where even more bands played their first ever gigs. You might be surprised at what you find out.


Where 7 Famous Bands Played Their First Ever Gig

Where 7 Famous Bands Played Their First Ever Gig, courtesy of hometogo

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