European capitals you can’t miss

   European capitals you can’t miss

Europe, the Old Continent, is an area we could spend traveling around a lifetime. From the cold lands of the Scandinavian peninsula and its northern lights, to the sunny beaches and the Mediterranean character of Spain or Italy, going through historic Germany, the beautiful Switzerland, the bohemian Netherlands and a very long etcetera.

That is why all inclusive luxury holidays in Europe are a fantastic option when traveling and knowing the rich and diverse cultures that make up the European scene.

As we previously said, the range of options when selecting a destination for our trips to the Old Continent is overwhelming. Therefore, today we bring a short selection of European capitalsthat guarantee an incredible trip. It is impossible to go wrong visiting any of them, since they are synonymous with beauty, culture and history.

These are our European capitals …

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and has 3.182.981 inhabitants, which makes it the most populated city in Spain.

It is an influential cultural center and has museums of international reference, among which the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and CaixaForum Madrid stand out.

Among its main tourist attractions, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Retiro Park or the Royal Palace stand out.


Here we have, possibly, the most cosmopolitan and international city in the world. Certainly, the cultural diversity that exists in London is not found anywhere else in the Old Continent. In this multiracial city there are people from a large number of cultures who speak more than three hundred different languages.

Thus, London is a global city, one of the nerve centers in the field of arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, the media, research, tourism or transport. It is the main financial center of the world, and the 43 universities of the city make up the highest concentration of higher education centers in Europe.

When it comes to visiting tourist attractions, London has different places declared World Heritage Sites: Tower of London, Royal Botanic Garden of Kew, the site formed by the Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Church of St. Margaret and Greenwich. Other famous places in the city are Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, the Tower Bridge or Trafalgar Square.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland and probably one of the European cities with the highest quality of life.

In addition, unlike the two previous cities, Bern has a short population and a small area, which makes life in the Swiss capital much quieter and local. In fact, the old town of Bern as a whole isconsidered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city offers a beautiful medieval environment thanks to its fountains, sandstone facades, alleys and historic towers.

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